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    Samsung TV Plus New look, Do you think it's good?

    Samsung announced that its free Samsung TV Plus service will get a new logo, an updated UI (with better visibility and a dark theme), and more shows for people to watch. As the service works on more Samsung devices, the company hopes its new orange and blue logo will reflect the service's...
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    Samsung 2022 TV Lineup, which is your pick?

    Samsung 2022 TV Lineup China Market Samsung has released several new TV products in 2022, including Micro LED models, Neo QLED 8K series, and The Serif series. Here are the prices of the Samsung TV lineup in the Chinese market in 2022. Which series do you think is more worth it? Micro LED...
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    How to choose the right port when connect Samsung TV with other devices?

    If you have a Samsung TV, you may want to know how to connect it to other devices with the right port. The are many ports like HDMI, USB, and other connections like wifi, and Bluetooth. So here is the guide on how to choose the right connection methods for Samsung TVs. How to connect Samsung...