How to get Roku on LG Smart TV?


Roku TV provides many streaming channels for entertainment. Many people want to know how to get Roku on LG TV. Here is the guide.

Does LG have a Roku TV?​

Roku TV streaming device is one of the popular streaming devices and people love to use Roku streaming sticks hungry streaming media players. Even, many TV brands have built-in Roku TV platforms like LG TV, Hisense TV etc. Roku streaming devices have free TV channels including live TV channels, kids' programs etc.

If you're curious about whether LG TVs have Roku TV, here's the answer: it depends on the LG TV model or the year it was released. That is, some LG TVs have Roku TV, and some LG TVs don't have Roku TV. This is because LG TVs may run multiple systems, including webOS, NetCast, and Roku TV.

In How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV, a guide to using LG TVs, it explains in detail how to download apps on all three systems. In the LG TV guide on How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV, it introduces how to get channels on LG TV for all the above three systems.

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How to get Roku on LG Smart TV?​

If you have an LG TV running Roku TV, luckily you can add your favorite channels to the Roku TV streaming platform. In the How to Download Apps on Roku TV guide, it explains how to add new channels to Roku TV from different platforms. Also, these channels in your Roku account are shared among different devices.

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If your LG TV does not run on Roku, you can connect a Roku stick or player on your LG TV to use the Roku channel.