How to watch TNT app on Samsung Smart TV? 3 Methods


People who like TNT app programs, if they own a Samsung TV, will find that the TNT app cannot be used directly on Samsung TV. We hope that the TNT app will be available on the Samsung TV app store as soon as possible. But before that, you may need to know how to watch TNT app content on Samsung Smart TV. Three possible methods will be provided here: using a TNT decoder, connecting an external TV box, and streaming TNT content from a mobile device to a Samsung TV.

How to watch TNT app on Samsung Smart TV?

1. Connect TNT decoder to Samsung Smart TV​

The most direct way to get TNT content on a Samsung TV is to buy a TNT decoder. It won't cost a lot of money, but it will ensure that you can watch TNT content smoothly, and it is very simple, you can search and buy available TNT decoders on any purchasing platform.

Connect TNT decoder to Samsung Smart TV

First, buy a TNT decoder, like the one in the picture.

Then, connect the TNT decoder to your Samsung Smart TV, very simple. Make sure your decoder is powered properly. Then, use the antenna cable to plug it into your smart TV.

Now, please perform channel search through TNT decoder, and then you can watch TNT content on Samsung TV.

2. Connect the TV box to the Samsung Smart TV​

The second way to watch TNT content on a Samsung smart TV is that you can get the TNT app through the TV box. You most likely have a TV box. Virtually all Internet providers provide such material. If you don't have one, you can buy a TV box. Connections for TV boxes vary by brand and provider, but this is a "universal" procedure.

Connect the TV box to a power outlet, then connect it to your internet router using an ethernet cable (wireless) or an antenna socket on the wall.

Then connect the box to your Samsung Smart TV with an HDMI cable.


3. Cast TNT APP to Samsung Smart TV​

If you don't want to watch TNT app shows through an external device, then you can stream TNT content from your mobile device to your Samsung TV. You can find the detailed method in How to cast TNT app to Samsung smart TV.