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    How to cast The CW app to smart TV?

    The CW app is a popular free entertainment platform with a wide variety of shows. Sadly, many smart TVs don't support downloading it directly. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to cast the CW app to your smart TV, and here are the detailed steps for you: You can watch CW content on your smart...
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    How to download apps on Samsung S95B TV?

    The Samsung S95B QD-OLED is one of the ultra-high-end TV models distributed in 2022, offering best-in-class picture quality and a range of A/V and gaming-related extras. Learn how downloading apps on the Samsung S95B can give users access to even more streaming services. Here is the guide on how...
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    How to download Spectrum App on Samsung TV

    The Spectrum APP on your Samsung TV gives you access to on-demand content, as well as live channels. However, Spectrum is only available in the US as per the regulations. You can download the Spectrum app on your Samsung Smart TV by following these simple steps. How to Download Spectrum App on...
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    How to download apps on Samsung QN900B

    Samsung QN900B is a TV with Tizen OS, which was a new popular 8K TV released in 2022. If you have just purchased this TV, you may need the guide to show you how to add apps to the Samsung QN900B. Please follow these steps. How to download apps on Samsung QN900B? 1. First, connect your Samsung...
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    How to download apps from Samsung Apps? Samsung 7500 TV

    Some old Samsung TV models like Samsung 7500 smart TV come with a Samsung Apps store. Samsung Apps is a store from which you can download applications to use on Samsung TV/AV equipment. Here is how to get apps from it. 1. Press the Samsung Home button on the remote control, and select Samsung...
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    How to Download Apps on Samsung TV?

    Samsung is one of the most popular smart TVs. In this tutorial, you can find the most comprehensive method on how to install apps and sideload apps on your Samsung TV. How to Download Apps on Samsung TV? Method1: Download Apps from Samsung TV App Store 1. Go to the Samsung TV home screen by...