IoE: What is Huawei Internet of Everything?



1. What is the Internet of Everything?​

Internet of Everything(IoE), as the name implies, is to intelligentlize all hardware devices, and then connect them to other smart devices. These smart hardware devices can build a large interconnected network, where the smart hardware devices can collaborate and share information.

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Some people describe the future scenario of the Internet of Everything in this way, but it has basically been realized now:

"When driving home from get off work, the in-vehicle system can be seamlessly connected with the mobile phone, and various interactions of gestures and voice control allow you to free your hands and drive safely;

Back to the community, get out of the car and use the mobile phone to operate the automatic parking;

At home, the smart big screen (TV) and AI speakers can undertake the content and services of the mobile phone on the way to get off work. If you temporarily deal with the unfinished work, you can make the mouse button at home become the peripheral of the mobile phone, and the PC, mobile phone, tablet, and smart screen can be efficiently coordinated and used at the same time;

When going out for a run and fitness, the headset and watch automatically turn on the communication function, and the connection between the exercise and the world will not be delayed;

After going to the toilet, even relevant physiological indicators can be provided. "

2. Huawei Internet of Everything​

The big network deployed by Huawei is the Internet of Everything, and it is constantly testing the boundaries of the Internet of Everything. For example, it is now fully developing in-vehicle systems. Of course, home devices, including smart screens, are also part of the Internet of Everything.

Some people may say that Huawei's Internet of Everything is Xiaomi's smart home. There is a saying that "If Xiaomi's Internet of Everything is hand-in-hand, then Huawei's Internet of Everything should be heart-to-heart."


Why is Huawei's Internet of Everything said to be heart-to-heart?

First of all, because many of Huawei's technologies are self-developed, including terminal operating systems, terminal processors, etc., the core components of this intelligent hardware are independently controllable, which is heart-to-heart. Secondly, because the technology is autonomous and controllable, Huawei can make the Internet of Everything more thorough, and the upper-level applications are built on the underlying technology.

Huawei's smart screen uses Huawei's self-developed Huawei Harmony system, Honghu chip, Lingxiao chip, etc. These integrated designs from upper-level applications to underlying technologies endow the smart screen with powerful expressive power. Therefore, after Huawei’s smart screen was born, it led the industry and has been liked and sought after by the majority of consumers.