Is Samsung Neo QLED worth it?


In recent years, people's demand for large-screen and high-definition TVs has continued to grow. While more and more users are pursuing high-quality picture display, they are also beginning to seek first-class audio technology to match it, so as to get a better audio-visual experience. As one of the important media for information dissemination, sound can effectively mobilize people's emotions and is one of the key elements of immersive experience.

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Is Samsung Neo QLED worth it?​

As a high-end brand in TV products, Samsung's precise display technology is highly praised in the industry. Samsung TV not only leads in visual technology and drives the development of the entire industry, but also excels in audio technology. Its Neo QLED series TVs not only have Q symphony, audio and video tracking OTS, spatial adaptive sound effects and intelligent sound control AVA and other functions , its accompanying soundbar has also been tuned by the sound technology innovation experts at Samsung's California Audio Lab to provide users with harmoniously full sound and balanced surround sound.

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Audio and video tracking provides a real dynamic audio experience​

Let's say you're watching an action-packed blockbuster with the subject rapidly moving around the TV screen. The sound and picture tracking OST technology can make the sound follow the movement of the objects in the picture, thus providing a real dynamic sound effect.

To achieve this effect, the audio and video tracking OTS technology of Samsung Neo QLED series TVs is equipped with multiple speakers on the sides, top and bottom of the screen. By analyzing the location information contained in the audio signal, distinguishing the direction of the sound and the location of the audio source, and effectively assigning it, the sound can follow the movement of the object on the screen and improve the overall three-dimensionality of the sound. Whether it's the sound of the waves rowing by a rowing boat at sea, or the slow footsteps on a quiet path, the realistic 3D sound effects created by it can make you feel like you are in the picture.

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Intelligent sound control to identify external noise sources​

A noisy environment can interrupt key scenes in a TV show. The smart sound-control AVA function on the Samsung sound bar can solve such troubles. This feature identifies external noise sources. If the surrounding environment is too loud, it can separate out the dialogue audio in the show. Clarity processing is performed, and the sound bar will play at a higher volume after receiving the optimized sound. Allows you to hear on-screen dialogue clearly, even in noisy environments, and easily keep up with the storyline.

For example, if the vacuum cleaner is running while the TV is on, the TV will automatically amplify the soundtrack to make sure the viewer can hear every word played on the TV. With the support of intelligent sound control technology, users no longer have to hurriedly use the TV remote control to turn up the volume to deal with sudden noises, making movie viewing time smarter and more convenient.

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TV and audio work together to create immersive sound​

Typically, after connecting the speakers to the TV, the TV's own sound system is completely disabled. However, through the Samsung Q symphony function, the front, side, and top-firing speakers of the sound can be made to sound together with the TV speakers, and the sound effects can be integrated and enhanced to jointly create immersive sound effects and raise the sound of home theaters to a new level.

Samsung Neo QLED series TVs and sound bars also have their own clear division of labor when working together. While the soundbar provides the primary sound, such as vocals, the TV's overhead speakers provide ambient sound effects. In this way, the two devices not only avoid mutual interference, but also provide a richer sound layer.

Wireless Dolby Atmos surrounds you​

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED series TVs upgrade the top channel to the Dolby Atmos experience, which can bring multi-dimensional stereo effects and surround you with high-definition sound quality. Not only that, but the Samsung soundbar has built-in wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity. Connecting to a TV without the need for cables allows users to quickly and easily experience the surround sound created by the synergy of Samsung TV and speakers.

For years, Samsung has wanted to provide consumers with an immersive audio experience while delivering perfect picture quality. Whether users are watching movies, playing music or gaming, they can feel the most suitable sound. The Samsung Neo QLED is well worth it.