Kill Eve Review: Little Pervert - Welcome to My Lonely Kingdom


Villanelle is a psychopath with an anti-social personality. But at the mutual aid meeting that pretended to be close to the target task in the second season, she made a confession and said the characteristics of the person with antisocial personality disorder. In simple terms, she felt no sense of compassion for others. Nothing can make her happy, nothing can make her sad, she ca n’t feel other people ’s feelings.

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For example, in the first episode of the second season, the little pervert who woke up in the hospital met a teenager who was injured in a car accident. Instead of feeling compassion, she killed Eve in order to leave a message to Eve. This lack of empathy prevented her from maintaining a long-term stable intimate relationship. Because it is easy to be bored, all her killings are to achieve the purpose of maximizing comedy. For example, the first kill in life to cut off the other brother.

These dramas are actually external reactions to which the heart is eager to catch attention. Because she knows that she is not normal and the people around her are normal people, loneliness is the background of her life. Finding a waiter in the hotel to comfort yourself means that there is no choice but to find someone who understands yourself.

When she was young, Anna undoubtedly gave the little pervert the closest emotion to love and understanding, but in the end it was just the relationship she imagined. When she killed the husband of the other party, her true nature did not get Anna ’s response, but instead resisted.

At this time, I can find my Eve in the thousands of killers, and it has undoubtedly become the only hope for the little pervert. Because only when others see us and see ourselves through others' eyes, we really exist. This is also the reason why couples stare at each other, because my existence has received the maximum response from each other. It can also be said that the couple is a mirror of each other. Before I found you, I was just alive. After I found you, I saw the best self in you.

In a simple example, if a 3-year-old child sees a butterfly, he will quarrel and let his mother look at it. If the mother is busy and ignores it, the child will be very hurt, because only you see me, I exist, I have significance.

Little pervert finds that Eve can truly understand that he accepts himself, which is the reason for this relationship. The opposing positions of the "policemen" on both sides have put tremendous tension on this relationship.