LG C3 OLED Evo TV Review, What's New?

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This article will show you the LG C3 TV Review.

I was excited to see LG announce new TV models at CES 2023, including the popular series LG C3 OLED Evo, so let's take a look at what upgrades and benefits this new product has to offer.

LG C3 TV Review: Release Date​

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LG is showcasing a full range of new OLED TV models at CES 2023, including the eye-catching and expensive M3, the promisingly bright G3 (click for LG G3 TV Review), and the more cost-effective high-end OLED models of the LG C3 series. As of now, LG has not yet announced the release date and price of the new series of products, which is expected to hit the shelves and public information in the spring, I will continue to pay attention to the latest information updates.

LG C3 TV Review: Picture Quality and Sound​

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As the successor to the LG C2, the LG C3 OLED is expected to be one of the most popular OLED TVs in 2023. Compared to C2, the new model has also made some improvements and upgrades.

The new 2023 OLED series are all making further improvements in picture quality, and the C3 will offer a brighter screen than the 2022 LG C2 OLED. The C3 uses a new version of the OLED EX panel with Brightness Booster, which increases the brightness of the screen.

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Like the LG G3, the C3 features the latest Alpha 9-6 processor, which LG calls a smart brain that will upgrade and enhance dynamic tone mapping to deliver a better picture. The new processor intelligently identifies objects through AI and delivers crisp images with Quad-step processing that enhances picture detail and color accuracy. It also has "OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro," which adjusts the brightness and color of up to 20,000 areas for each motion picture scene.

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It is worth noting that this year's LG G3 equipped with Brightness Booster Max technology will improve the brightness by 70%, the new "light control architecture" to improve the peak brightness of the screen. But the LG C3 series only increases the apparent brightness, its colors will look brighter, but the actual peak brightness does not increase.

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In addition to AI Picture Pro technology, AI Sound Pro technology is also integrated into the new α9 AI Processor Gen6 processor, which enables 9.1.2 surround sound through speakers built into the TV to provide better audio results.

LG C3 TV Review: Design​

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As a mid-to-high-end model, the LG C3 maintains an elegant design style with an ultra-thin The panel is thin and, like the G3, is made of the same lightweight composite fiber material, so the weight of the TV is greatly reduced. A small portion of the center of the TV protrudes from the back, and although it doesn't "leave no visible gap" when wall-mounted like the G3, it can be placed as close to the wall as possible, making it ideal for wall-mounting.

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The new models have little change in size from last year, with the LG C3 series offering 42", 48", 55", 65", 77", and 83" size options to meet the needs of users from small to large sizes. In addition, LG's new soundbar is designed to be configured with the TV to enhance the sound, it is a 3.1.3 channel solution that can be flush with the wall and will work well with the C3 TV.

LG C3 TV Review: System and Smart Features​

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The new 2023 model of LG TVs will come with the latest WebOS 23, which is based on the previous system with certain improvements and upgrades. The new user interface puts content recommendations in the middle, so you can access your favorite streaming services more quickly and easily.

You can find Quick Cards in the new interface, categorized by categories of services, such as games, music, sports, home office, and other topics, making it easier to find the apps and services you need more quickly. In addition, the new WebOS will also provide more personalized recommendations, and you can also customize the settings according to your usage habits and preferences.

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The new LG C3 OLED TV will come with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, support 4K 120Hz, and support including HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, unfortunately, it does not support HDR10+. If you have multiple high-bandwidth devices, you will be happy to discover the richness of its ports. C3 supports HDMI 2.1 VRR, AMD FreeSync Premium, Nvidia G-Sync Compatible, and other gaming features with very low input latency to provide gamers with a great gaming experience.

LG C3 TV Review: Summary​

In previous years, the LG C1 and C2 were among the most popular TV series of the year, and I had the same expectations for the LG C3. For those who already own the C1 and C2, whether the C3's upgrade is worth their replacement will need to wait to see how it actually performs once it goes on sale. For those who want to buy their first OLED TV, the LG C3 is definitely one of the best models to buy in 2023, and it is more cost-effective than the G3.