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  1. Robert

    LG OLED Evo C4 TV: Specifications Overview

    LG OLED Evo C4 smart TV has been announced for sale today, offering options in 42/48/55/65/77 inches. The LG C4 series features a 4K 120Hz OLED high-refresh-rate screen, passing four professional certifications: low blue light, flicker-free, low glare, and reflection-free, as well as...
  2. Tommy_tvs

    Sony A95L vs LG G3 TV, 2023 QD-OLED VS OLED Evo

    This article will compare Sony A95L VS LG G3 TV. Sony has been expected to launch new TVs after its absence from CES 2023. Therefore, when Sony's 2023 lineup was announced a few days ago it attracted widespread attention(See Sony 2023 BRAVIA XR TV). Among them, Sony A95L is the successor of...
  3. Barend Ray

    LG G3 vs Sony A95K TV, OLED Evo vs QD OLED

    This article will compare LG G3 vs Sony A95K TVs. LG G3 and Sony A95K are both flagship OLED 4K TV models, with LG G3 being the latest model of OLED Evo launched by LG in 2023, and Sony A95K being the 2022 model. This article will compare the differences between the two models. LG G3 vs Sony...
  4. Leo Lopez

    LG G3 VS LG G2 TV Review, OLED Evo Comparison

    This article will compare LG G3 VS LG G2 TVs. LG launched its latest OLED series at CES 2023, of which the LG G3 is its flagship 4K OLED TV, the successor to last year's LG G2. 2023's OLED evo features new and upgraded performance, so let's take a look at the differences and highlights of the...
  5. Barend Ray

    LG C3 vs. LG C2 TV, 2023 vs 2022 OLED Evo

    This article will compare LG C3 and LG C2 TVs. The LG C2 has been one of the most popular OLED TVs since its launch last year. Equipped with LG's OLED Evo panel it has an impressive panel. This year's LG C3 is its successor(More details see LG C3 OLED Evo TV Review), with a further upgrade to...
  6. Tommy_tvs

    LG C3 OLED Evo TV Review, What's New?

    This article will show you the LG C3 TV Review. I was excited to see LG announce new TV models at CES 2023, including the popular series LG C3 OLED Evo, so let's take a look at what upgrades and benefits this new product has to offer. LG C3 TV Review: Release Date Image credit: Future LG is...
  7. Tommy_tvs

    LG G3 TV Review, 2023 OLED Evo TV

    This article will show you the LG G3 TV review. According to the news, LG will soon release LG G3 OLED Evo TV in 2023. It is equipped with Brightness Booster Max technology, which will be expected to further increase the peak brightness of the TV. LG G3 TV Review: Release Date LG announced...
  8. Shelby_Compare

    LG G2 vs Samsung The Frame 2022 TV Comparison Review

    This article will compare LG G2 vs Samsung The Frame 2022 TVs. The LG G2 and Samsung The Frame use different panel technologies and therefore have different characteristics. the LG G2 OLED has better contrast and deep blacks for viewing in the dark. It is also satisfyingly bright, enough to...
  9. T

    LG G2 vs. Sony A90J TV, which is better?

    LG G2 vs. Sony A90J TV, which is better?
  10. XXMAN98

    Samsung S95B vs. LG C2 TV Review, which is better?

    Samsung S95B vs. LG C2 are two new 2022 OLED TVs, with the S95B using a QD-OLED panel and the C2 using an OLED Evo panel. This article compares these two TV and see what's the difference. Model Name Samsung S95B LG C2 Model Year 2022 2022 Display Type OLED OLED Special features Ultra...
  11. Shelby_Compare

    Philips OLED807 vs. LG C2 vs. LG C1 OLED TV Comparison Review

    While LG and other brands scrambled to launch new TVs, Philips also launched new products. Among them, Philips OLED807 as an upgrade of last year's model OLED806, is also a member of the 2022 OLED and can not be ignored. Philips OLED807 using LG's OLED EX panel, seems to be brighter than OLED...