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  1. Leo Lopez

    LG TV Says WiFi Is Turned Off, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix LG TV says WiFi is turned off. LG TV is one of the most popular TVs on the market, and its premium quality and advanced smart features have attracted many users. You can experience a variety of apps and streaming services using the LG Smart TV operating...
  2. Leo Lopez

    How To Get Philo On LG Smart TV? Ultimate Guide

    This article will show you how to get Philo on LG smart TV. The advent of streaming services has allowed people to access their favorite entertainment content at a lower cost, with numerous streaming services offering a wealth of programming and features. Among a host of live TV streaming...
  3. Amanda Brown

    Airplay Not Working On LG TV, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix Airplay not working on LG TV. Apple's Airplay is a content transfer technology that allows audio, video, photos, and other content to be transferred between devices. Now, more and more smart TVs also support Airplay, including LG TVs. You can transfer the...
  4. Amanda Brown

    How to Change Input on LG TV? Ultimate Guide

    This article will show you how to change input on LG TV. When you connect external devices such as DVDs, game consoles, TV boxes, etc. to your LG TV, you need to switch the TV to the correct input source to access it. However, if you're using an LG TV for the first time or are unfamiliar with...
  5. L

    LG C9P vs SONY A9G: How to choose?

    How to choose between LG C9P and SONY A9G?
  6. Amanda Brown

    How to Restart LG TV? Easy Guide

    This guide will show you how to restart LG TV. LG TVs usually perform well, but after extended use, you may experience problems such as lagging or application crashes, at which point you will need to restart or reboot your LG TV to fix the problem. You don't have to look up lengthy manuals...
  7. Adney

    74% of OLED TV panels will be supplied to LG, Sony and Samsung

    Today, research firm Omdia released a report saying that LG Display and Samsung Display will ship 10 million and 1.3 million OLED TV panels respectively in 2022, and both companies need to make a decision on whether to continue investing in large OLED panels in the future. The report notes...
  8. Grace's

    Is TruMotion 60Hz better than 120?

    When you see TruMotion 60Hz, it's actually a frame interpolation technology from LG. The real refresh rate is actually 30Hz. 120 TruMotion= 60hz refresh rate 240 TruMotion= 120hz refresh rate When you LG advertise TruMotion 120 is when it is doubling 60Hz and adding intermediate frames to...
  9. Grace's

    TOP 10 Smart TV Brands For 2022

    TV has always been an essential product in family entertainment, and when we buy TVs, we tend to choose brands with a good reputation, which are also more secure in terms of quality and after-sales service. This article will introduce you to the top 10 smart TV brands for 2022. 1. SAMSUNG...
  10. R

    South Korea's most antique TV auctioned for 34.1 million won, launched by former LG in 1966

    South Korea's first TV, Venus VD-191, was successfully auctioned for 34.1 million won, which is extremely historic and rare. Online auction site Kobay Auction announced that Venus VD-191 was sold for 34.1 million won after 94 bids in an online auction that ended on the 16th. This TV is the...
  11. G

    Connect Phone to TV: Tips for Wired and Wireless

    Many people want to connect or mirror their phone to the TV for sharing their phone screen or transferring files but they don't know how. There are tips for connecting Phone to TV both wired and wireless. How do I connect my phone to my TV via cable? If you want to connect your phone to your...
  12. Emma

    How to reset the LG C2 TV to factory settings?

    LG C2 is the new OLED TV in 2022, this guide will show you how to reset the LG C2 TV to factory settings. 1. Press the Home/Smart button on your LG remote control. 2. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner. 3. Select General on the left bar, then choose Reset to Initial...
  13. Felia

    2022 LG C2 vs 2021 LG C1: What's the difference?

    The LG C1 became popular for gaming and home viewing, but after the release of the latest LG C2 OLED TV, people started to question the main differences between the LG C2 and C1 models. Let's take a look at what the differences are between the two LG TVs. LG C2 vs. C1: Appearance Design...
  14. J

    LG CX OLED TV Customer Reviews, Is it worth buying?

    LG CX TV is a popular model, and many people are hesitating whether to buy this OLED TV or not. Here're some customer reviews, this may help. If you happen to be considering other models of LG OLED TVs, for your reference LG CX vs. LG G1 vs. LG A1
  15. 5

    Are the LG CX TV HDMI inputs 2.1?

    Are the LG CX TV HDMI inputs 2.1?
  16. Tommy_tvs

    LG CX vs. LG G1 vs. LG A1 OLED TV, what's the difference?

    LG's OLED TVs have been praised by everyone, but with so many models, it can be difficult to choose the best OLED TV for you. For this article, I've picked the three most popular LG OLED TVs, LG CX vs. LG G1 vs. LG A1, to see what their differences are and which one is best for you. 1...
  17. Tommy_tvs

    How to Get HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

    This guide will show you how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV. LG, as a big TV brand, offers LED and OLED TVs and runs its own developed LG WebOS. Some users don't know how to install HBO Max when they first get a new LG TV, so here is the guide for newbies. (Know the difference between WebOS...
  18. Felia

    LG Z2 8K OLED 2022 Parameter Details

    It is reported that LG's first OLED TV-LG Z2 8K OLED TV is officially launched. According to official reports, this Z2 8K OLED model will be available in 77 and 88 sizes, priced at $12,500 and $24,500, respectively. Compared with the previous Z2 model, the LG Z2 TV will be equipped with 8K-level...
  19. E

    Which is Better: LG C1 vs SONY A80J?

    Some of the most high-end TVs are from the likes of LG and Sony. These two manufacturers are the OLED powerhouses in the TV manufacturing space today. In this article, we've rounded up comparison information in one of their latest offerings: the LG C1 and SONY A80J. While both LG C1 vs SONY A80J...
  20. BigZ

    Samsung AU8000 VS. LG UP8000 VS. Samsung AU8000 VS. Sony X80J TV

    Many users are confused about how to choose a 4K TV, here's a comparison of 4 tv at the same price level. Samsung AU8000 VS. LG UP8000 VS. Samsung AU8000 VS. Sony X80J TV, you may check which one is more suitable for you. I chose the size of 50" and 55", and the prices are at the same level...