LG C3 Series TV Available on the Martket, what's the feature?


The LG C3 series is equipped with a newly upgraded a9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 chip, adding AI image quality adjustment Pro and AI sound quality adjustment Pro. It can carry out detailed identification and classification of image quality and main objects through deep learning of algorithms. And intelligently reduce noise and improve resolution according to category.

LG C3 Series TV  Availabel on the Martket, what's the feature?

At the same time, LG C3 series supports dynamic tone mapping Pro, HDR expressive enhancer, AI sound quality adjustment Pro to realize 9.1.2 virtual surround sound, AI one-key tuning, Dolby VISION-ATMOS, 4K 120Hz, FILMMAKER MODE and other audio and video technologies.

In terms of game functions, LG C3 is compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, reducing frame freezing and screen tearing, so as to provide users with a smoother and more stable gaming experience.


77-inch LG C3 size specs details:

List of LG C3 series TV parameters
Resolution4K Ultra HD (3840*2160)
Refresh rate4K 120Hz
Screen featuresOLED
Light control technologypixel light control
AI chipa9 Gen6
AI image quality adjustmentPro
Dynamic Tone MappingOLED
AI improvementsupport
AI automatic pattern recognitionsupport (SDR/HDR)
AI brightness adjustmentsupport
Pure blacksupport
Perfect ColorSupport
Dolby Vision/FILMMAKER MODESupport
High frame ratesupport (HDMI/USB)
Speaker40W (woofer 20W, each channel 10W)
Channel2.2 channel
AI sound quality adjustmentPro
AI one-key tuningsupport
Sound effectsDolby Surround, OLED Surround
Bluetooth surround soundsupport
Home Control PanelSupport
Mobile phone connectionsupport
Always standbysupport
Intelligent speech recognitionsupport
InterfaceHDMI2.1*4, USB*3, Bluetooth 5.0/WiFi5
Game performancesupport G-SYNC, Freesync premium, HGiG, game optimizer, LG VRR variable refresh rate, ALLM