LG TV Blinking Codes, Causes and Fixes

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This article will show you how to fix LG TV blinking codes.

The last time a user asked me about LG TV flickering, different flickering codes may represent different faults. For example, LG TV red light blinks 2 times, 3 times, or 4 times. But usually, this means the LG TV's internal hardware or power supply is faulty.

Read on to learn about the causes and fixes for LG TV flicker codes that have been proven to work by users.

Why does my LG TV keep blinking?​

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Here are the causes of your LG TV blinking.

1. Power disconnection

In most cases, a non-functioning power supply is the cause of a flickering TV. If the TV experiences a sudden power outage during operation, the internal parts of the TV may be damaged as a result. Sometimes, some voltage fluctuation, damaged power cord, lightning weather, energy overload, etc. can cause the power supply to disconnect.

2. TV motherboard damage

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Although this problem is not common, if your TV's internal power board or circuit board is damaged, the TV will not distribute voltage correctly. A faulty power board may cause the LG TV's red light to blink 3 times.

3. TV hardware failure

LG TV flickering 2 times is usually due to internal hardware failure or parts damage to the TV.

4. TV software failure

Temporary software glitches on LG Smart TVs may cause the TV to blink red 4 times. Application errors or outdated system software can be factors in this problem.

5. LG TV overheating

After a long period of use, if the TV does not get good heat dissipation it will become overheated. At this point, the circuit board may malfunction due to overheating, causing the TV to flash a red light. You need to clean the vents of the TV in time to avoid exposing the TV to overheating.

How to fix LG TV blinking codes?​

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If it is the motherboard or other parts of the TV that are damaged, then you will need the help of a professional repairer. But until then, you can try a simple fix as follows, and sometimes the fault may be smaller than we think.

Soft Reset LG TV​

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If your LG TV black screen of death but blinks red, you can perform a soft reset for your LG TV. This is also called power cycling and is different from the usual way you turn your TV off directly to standby. A soft reset TV will refresh your LG TV for minor errors, follow the steps below.

1. Turn off your LG TV.

2. Disconnect all devices connected to the TV.

3. Unplug the power cable from the LG TV.

4. Press and hold the power button on the TV (usually directly below the TV screen) for about 30 seconds.

5. Wait one minute.

6. Plug the TV back into the wall outlet and connect the devices.

7. Turn on the TV and check if the problem still exists.

Ensure TV heat dissipation​

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When an LG TV overheats, it can cause circuit board damage or power failure. You can perform a power cycle on your TV and cool it for a period of time (say ten minutes or more) as described above.

The TV needs enough space to dissipate heat during operation, and you need to clean the TV's vents regularly to avoid blocking them with dust or dirt. Also, avoid locating the TV in direct sunlight to cause it to overheat.

Do not put too many objects or devices on or around the TV.

Factory Reset LG TV​

If your LG TV's red light is blinking, you can also try resetting your TV to the factory default settings. Resetting will erase all data from your LG TV, including your downloaded files and application login credentials. The TV will revert to its initial settings, so you'll need to back up important information ahead of time.

If you want to perform a reset, follow these steps.

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1. Press and hold the LG TV's Home or Settings button, usually located on the side of the TV.

2. Use the Volume or Channel Up and Down buttons to navigate to General.

3. Select Reset Initial Settings.

4. Enter the PIN code. If you have not set a PIN, enter the default PIN: 0000 or 1234.

If you have access to the TV menu, you can use the remote control to reset your LG TV.

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1. Press the Home button on the remote.

2. Use the remote control to navigate to Settings.

3. Select General.

4. Click Reset to initial settings.

5. Enter the PIN code.

6. Wait for the TV to reboot and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup.

7. Check if the problem is fixed.

Check the power supply​

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LG TVs need a steady current to support the TV to work properly. Check your power cables and outlets for faults. You can try connecting another power cable or plugging it into another outlet to troubleshoot the problem.

If your cable is damaged, replace it with a new one promptly. Please try to plug your LG TV directly into a wall outlet.

Please avoid using too many appliances at the same time, otherwise, the power may be overloaded and cause the LG TV to blink red.

Please avoid using LG TVs when there is bad weather, such as thunderstorms, gales, etc.

Contact LG Support​

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If the above does not fix the LG TV flickering problem, it is best to contact LG's customer support. If the TV motherboard or power board and other parts fail, a professional repairer is needed to fix it.

If your LG TV is still under warranty, you can get free parts replacement or repair.


LG TV blinking codes are usually caused by power problems, TV hardware or software failures, etc. If the internal parts such as the TV's motherboard are damaged, you will need a professional repairer to help you fix your TV. But until then, following the fixes in this article is the most cost-effective way to try and fix it.


Why does my LG TV keep blinking?​

If your LG TV is flashing codes, you can follow the fix above. If your LG TV's video or picture is flickering, it may be caused by an external device connected to the TV or an incorrect TV picture setting.

You can switch the HDMI cable, or perform a power cycle on your TV.

If a Red LED blinks and the TV isn't working properly, it means the TV has detected a problem. The majority of Red LED blinking conditions necessitate service. The meaning of the blink codes varies depending on the TV model. However, the number of blinking times is usually between 2 and 8.