LG vs Samsung TV: Which is Better? Which is more cost-effective?


If you're looking for a brand-guaranteed smart TV, and hesitating about how to choose the right one between LG and Samsung, this article will help you.

LG vs Samsung TV: Price Comparison​

When you make the choice between these two brands, you have to admit that you value quality for some certain. While these two brands are on the high side, they still offer many affordable models.

When it comes to cheaper models, Samsung is actually a little cheaper for the same specs, like the 40-inch 4K smart TV.

Price Winner: Samsung TV

LG vs Samsung TV: Smart TV Features Comparison​

Both of them use their own operating systems, LG is webOS, and the advantage is that it is easy to search. Samsung uses Tizen OS, which is fast but has a bit less app support. Check out the comparison WebOS vs. Android TV vs. Tizen OS.

Of course, if you buy these two brands just to add a box, ignore this one.

Smart TV features Winner: LG TV

LG VS Samsung TV: Picture Quality Comparison​

Picture quality is always the most concerned part of TV. Both brands have top-of-the-line panel technology, and Samsung's OLED and LG's QLED TVs are both very popular and well-reviewed TV lines.

The advantage of the Samsung screen is that it has a brighter screen and better contrast. And LG is more ahead in UHD, Dolby Vision and HDR10. Especially on the high-end LG models, both viewing angles and grayscale work very well.

Picture quality: For the cheap models, Samsung TV does well; but for the high-end models, LG TV wins.
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