Movie Recommendation - When you feel that you are out of step with the world

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001)
Romance to the bones, melancholy, neurotic, jumping, literature and art are very typical French movies! Self-entertaining and helping others, using kindness to soothe the surrounding melancholy, using smiles to extend the color of life, and finally get the blessing of good luck. People who like it are drunk by it, and people who don't like it are sleepy, two extremes.

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
"This is a must-see movie for men." But simply distinguishing between genders will make this movie narrow. "Shawshank's Redemption" breaks through the limitations of men's movies, and the whole story is almost full of incredibly warm tone, and the greatest theme in the movie is "hope." When we have no choice but to encounter the kind of jail that imprisoned the freedom of the soul like Shawshank, are we the helpless old Brook, the discouraged Reid, or the wise Andy? Use wisdom, trust hope, and face fear bravely to defeat it? Classic movies are classic because they are all doing the same thing-let you appreciate the beauty of hope from different angles.

The Shawshank Redemption

Into the Wild (2007)
This is an idealist's challenge to the vulgar society. I was moved by the desperate courage and the scenery along the way. Of course, although I don't know whether it is to avoid restraint or yearn for freedom, which is more important, but the law of society and the law of nature must choose one to follow, otherwise life is really vulnerable.

Into the Wild

Life in a Day (2011)
1 day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, one day's life, a lifetime picture scroll, watching all the life states, feeling birth, old age, sickness and death, although trivial, this is life. The deepest touch always comes from the most ordinary life, even if it is just a few seconds of footage.

Life in a Day
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