Nintendo Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp topped $150 million in revenue


With the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons NS, nintendo's companion IP mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had another spring, bringing in $150 million in revenue, according to market research firm SensorTower. So far, Japan has contributed the most revenue to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, at $112.8 million

 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Player Spending

In terms of downloads, more than 44.8 million were downloaded worldwide. The United States led the pack, contributing 16 million downloads for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp mobile game.

'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' is nintendo's well-known IP successor, and has never been absent from a console since the N64's release. In the game, players can experience a free life like "Portia time", choose to fish, dig fossils, shake fruit, water flowers and weeds, or do nothing, watching the scenery and chatting with someone.

Affected by the outbreak, many users are staying at home and focusing more on indoor entertainment like games. As a result, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gained more attention and became a New way for many people to socialize while playing at home. This craze even led to the increase of the revenue of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the same IP mobile game game owned by nintendo, which can be said to be a real case of "a dog rising to heaven if only one person achieves the tao".

It's worth noting that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was already at the top of nintendo's mobile game ranking, beating out titles like Mario Kart and Dragalia Lost and coming in second only to Fire spirit Heroes. Meanwhile, 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' paid an average of $3.60 for downloads, according to SensorTower, far less than 'Dragalia Lost' ($33) and 'Fire spirit Heroes' ($39).