Projector light source: what is the best projection light source?


The projection light sources used by projectors include LEDs, lasers, traditional lamp light, etc. So which projection light source is the best for projectors?

Projection Light Source Type​

First, let's briefly understand what a projection light source is. The projection light source is the light emitted by the projection lens, which is the core component of the projector that determines the brightness, color and life of the light source of the projector. At present, the projection light sources of projectors are mainly divided into three types: traditional bulb light sources, LED light sources, and laser light sources.

1. Traditional lamp light source​

Traditional lamp light mainly use high-pressure mercury lamps or xenon lamps as light sources. Old-fashioned projector brands such as BenQ, Epson, and ViewSonic mostly use traditional light bulbs as projection light sources.

Lamp light source.jpg

Pros: high brightness, good color, mature technology, low cost, easy to replace.

Cons: short lifespan, severe fever, short future development prospects.

2. LED light source​

LED light source, also known as light-emitting diode light source, is a kind of cold light source, and is currently the main projection light source used in smart micro-projectors, such as the recently launched Dangbei Mars Pro projector.

Led light source.png

Pros: long life, energy-saving and environmental protection, strong stability, light and portable.

Cons: Insufficient brightness and color, not easy to replace.

3. Laser light source​

A laser light source is a light source that uses the photoelectric effect to make excited particles emit light under the action of stimulated radiation. This light source is also gradually used in smart micro-projectors, such as Dangbei X3 laser projectors.

Laser light source.jpg

Pros: high brightness, good color, low energy consumption, strong stability, long life, small size.

Cons: high cost.

Which projection light source is better?​

After the above analysis, we can see that although the brightness and color of the traditional lamp light source are relatively good, the shortcomings of short life and heat generation cannot be ignored. Traditional lamp light sources can only occupy a part of the market in today's projector industry, and the future development prospects are very limited.

Although the performance of the LED light source is not satisfactory in terms of brightness and color, it has become the mainstream of the projector industry due to its long life and the development of the projector in a smaller and more convenient direction.

Laser light source is almost the most perfect light source, which combines all the advantages of traditional light bulb light source and LED light source. However, due to the high cost, the development and development are limited. If the price of laser light source can be lowered in the future, it will become the mainstream of projection light source.

Each of the three light sources has advantages and disadvantages. If you pursue the color and brightness of the picture, you can choose the traditional lamp light source. If you pursue portability and long-term use, you can choose the LED light source. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose the laser light source.


Now there are more laser light source products on the market, laser TV, laser projectors, very popular.