Projector vs. TV, What's the difference?


Sitting on the couch with your family watching a movie, or nestled in a comfortable bed by yourself watching your favorite show is bliss. While every family used to buy at least one TV, more and more people are now choosing to replace their TV with a projector to create their own home theater. This article will show what are the differences between TVs and projectors.

1. Screen Size

In terms of size, the advantages of the projector are obvious. The common large size TV on the market today is 85 inches, but of course, there are larger ones 100 inches or larger, but the price of these large TVs is usually not affordable for the average family.

But the screens for projectors are freely variable in size. In fact, you can project 100", 200", or even 300" as long as the walls in your home are big enough. (depending on your projector).

dangbei projector 250 inch vs 55 inch tv.jpg

(250-inch Dangbei projector vs. 55 inch TV)​

For example, the Dangbei Mars Pro projector can project a maximum of 300", so if your home wall is large enough, you can easily experience cinema-quality enjoyment with just one projector.

2. Clarity

dangbei projector 4k.jpg

Clarity is also an important part of the viewing experience. In terms of clarity, TVs are usually superior to projectors. There are now 8K TVs on the market, while the highest resolution a projector can achieve is usually 4K or 1080P. However, the resolution is not the only criterion to test the quality of the picture. (How to choose a projector with picture quality as good as a TV?) By choosing carefully, you can also find a projector that can match the picture quality of a TV, but of course the price of a good projector will be higher.

3. Lifespan

In terms of service life, good brands of TVs last basically around ten years, while most projectors have a life span of around five years on their own. Of course now with laser lighting projectors(eg. Dangbei Mars Pro), the life span will be longer than that of ordinary bulb lighting projectors. The price will be higher than bulb projectors.