PS5 design with other color options: Sony hints PS5 supports customization


Sony recently announced the PS5 design with the same style as the previously DualSense wireless controller: for the first time using black and white two-tone color matching, the white shell with black core structure is reminiscent of marine arthropods or biochemical mechs . A series of peripherals released simultaneously with the same PS5 design style.

PS5 design

PS5 digital version (left), standard version (middle) and DualSense (right)

After the announcement, many netizens hoped that the PS5 shell could have more optional colors, such as black. According to Matt MacLaurin, Sony's user experience designer, it seems that the PS5 casing can be replaced. Similar to the front panel of the Xbox 360 body, players can purchase different panels to customize their PS5.

PS5 design

PS5 design

On the LinkedIn reply that has been deleted, Matt MacLaurin told netizens: "You will definitely be seeing special editions, this also customizable in ways previous generations weren't." This answer can have many guesses, such as: can the PS5 light bar support full RGB? Can the new custom panel be used to replace the official default shell?

Either way, this means that PS5 design will spawn a new accessory industry chain. Players can buy a panel with a unique design and install it on their PS5 design. Publishers can also print their logos, characters and designs on decorative items and sell them.

At present, Sony officials have not confirmed whether the PS5 case can be replaced, and we are not sure what MacLaurin refers to. However, at least PS5 design will have a special version, let us wait and see.

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