Samsung The Freestyle vs. XGIMI Halo vs. Emotn H1 projector, which is better?

After Samsung launched Samsung The Freestyle projector at CES 2022, everyone showed interest in this novelty device. Some called it the "smartphone" of the projection world. But there are also those who are interested in how it really performs as a projector. I compared the Samsung The Freestyle with the XGIMI Halo and the Emotn H1, which are also portable projectors.​

1. Configuration

samsung the freestyle vs. xgimi halo vs. emotn h1.jpg

2. Appearance

samsung the freestyle vs. xgimi halo vs. emotn h1 projector.jpg

As a portable projector, it must be compact and easy to take out, and all three projectors meet this requirement. The XGIMI Halo is simple, a square "box", the Samsung Freestyle looks like a small spotlight with a stand at the bottom to facilitate its 360-degree rotation, and the Emotn H1 has an uncommon retro look, like an old-fashioned radio.

Both Samsung and Emotn have innovated in the design of the projector's appearance. Like the promo, Freestyle is designed for teens to run around with, and Emotn has designed a leather carrying handle for the same purpose. In addition, the Emotn H1 has also done a teenager-pleasing design on the keys, using the crisp keyboard blue switch for the projector's keys which is a first in the projection industry.​

3. Image effect

samsung the freestyle image effect.jpg

As a display device, the image effect of the projector is an important factor to consider when choosing a user, after all, no one wants to spend a significant amount of money to buy back to see a blurry dark picture.​

emotn h1 image effect.jpg

The resolution of the three projectors are 1080P, where the XGIMI Halo has the highest brightness, 800 ANSI lumen, Samsung's The Freestyle brightness of about 250 ANSI lumen (550 LED lumen, we all know that LED lumen is far higher than ANSI lumen embodied, but ANSI lumen is the standard unit), which is similar to the Emotn H1 brightness(250 ANSI lumen), but the price difference between the two is huge.​

xgimi halo image effect.jpg

4. System

Both the XGIMI Halo projector and the Emotn H1 projector are powered by Android 9.0. the Emotn H1 has a built-in, self-developed Emotn OS with a built-in Emotn Store and a unique Emotn UI, which has a cleaner interface and smoother operation than typical Android systems and takes up very little memory. The Halo's 2+16GB and H1's 1+16GB both meet the needs of users to install their favorite apps without worrying about running out of memory.​

emotn ui.jpg

While Freestyle uses Samsung's own Tizen system, this system is smooth and simple, but can not install third-party software, so if you have the need to install apk, it may be more trouble.​

the freestyle system vs. xgimi halo system.jpg

(See the difference among the three systems here: WebOS vs. Android TV vs. Tizen OS)​

5. Connection

freestyle vs halo vs h1 interfaces.jpg

Many people are concerned about connectivity compatibility when buying a projector, after all, most users have more than just a phone, but also a computer, PS4, TV stick, camera, etc. Of these three projectors, it is clear to see that the Emotn H1 does a very good job of connectivity and has almost the most interfaces of any projector on the market. In addition to the necessary HDMI, USB interface, the H1 also provides TF, AV, SPDIF, Audio interface, to meet the user's various devices connected.

In addition to the simple projection mode, all three projectors are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, so you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, which is great for home use.​

6. Summary

Samsung The freestyle is creative, but if you consider it as a projector, it's a bit too expensive for its performance and configuration. The XGIMI Halo and the Emotn H1 both perform well in terms of picture and sound performance.

All three projectors are bright enough to watch movies at night, but note that the Freestyle does not include a built-in battery, which means you can't use it if you're outdoors without power, while the Emotn H1 and XGIMI Halo can both be used without being plugged in, and the H1 has a 9700mAh battery, which is enough to finish a movie.​
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Samsung the Freestyle is hot recently, but all the reviews are not objective, this article is good, thank you!


I have to say, this Emotn H1 really exceeded my expectations. At first, I just wanted to buy a small projector that was easy to carry so my little boy would have fun on a camping trip. I didn't expect 1080p picture quality at this price. What most satisfied me was that such a mini projector has so many ports. You can find almost everything you need...

Took a picture at hand. The picture at night is great!

emotn h1.jpg