Seeking Feedback on Nexigo Aurora Projector and VividStorm S Pro Screen Combo Performance

Hi All,

I'm currently in the market for a new home theater setup, and after doing some research, I've become interested in the Nexigo Aurora projector paired with the VividStorm S Pro screen. However, before making any decisions, I wanted to reach out to the community to gather some insights and opinions.

I've heard positive feedback about the features of the Nexigo Aurora projector, such as its brightness, resolution, and any unique functionalities it might offer. However, one concern that has come up in my research is regarding the noise level when the Nexigo projector is in operation. Some have mentioned that the noise can be quite noticeable when the projector is turned on. I'm keen to know if this is a widespread issue and if it has posed a significant inconvenience for those who own the Nexigo Aurora projector.

As for the VividStorm S Pro screen, I've heard good things about its build quality and the ambient light rejection technology. Those who own or have had experience with this screen, could you share your feedback on how well it complements the Nexigo Aurora projector? Does it effectively enhance the viewing experience, and are there any drawbacks or considerations I should be aware of?

Additionally, I'm curious about the compatibility and ease of setting up this combination. Have you encountered any compatibility issues or challenges in getting the Nexigo Aurora projector and VividStorm S Pro screen to work seamlessly together? Any tips or recommendations on optimizing the setup would be extremely helpful.

For those who have been using this combination for an extended period, I'm interested in hearing about the long-term reliability and durability. Have you encountered any issues over time, or has the performance remained consistent?

If you have alternative recommendations or have come across other projector-screen combinations that you believe outperform the Nexigo Aurora and VividStorm S Pro combo, please feel free to share your insights.

Thank you!