Star Girl: Fresh and natural youth movies


I was attracted by the name, a girl with a smile, sitting alone in the desert, facing the orange sunset, enjoying the beauty of the silent world. She is Miss Star.

She always wears an ancient beige dress and carries a Ukulele every day. Her canvas bag is painted with a huge sunflower and a small pet rat is kept in it. Her role is different because she is stargirl.

People say that she is not as beautiful as the real existence. Yes, she is beautiful, but she is as real as hope, as pure as the origin of human beings, allowing us to see ourselves lost for a long time. The most beautiful thing about her is that she will be happy and congratulate for the success of others. At the ball game, she cheered everyone, she celebrated the discharged patient, she said: "When the other teams score, their fans are so happy, won't this make you equally happy?" She His behavior was opposed by many people. But this is the purest. And if I lose in the games of the Games, I will be jealous of my opponents and hate them. Now think about it really shouldn't be. There are always wins and losses in all competitions. Since they won the competition by their own strength, we should also applaud them.

Disney Star Girl