TCL X11G QD-Mini LED TV Review, Is It Good?

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In 2022, TCL leads the way in Mini LED TV sales. TCL also introduced the world's leading Quantum Dot Pro 2023 technology based on Mini LED technology and innovated QD-Mini LED technology, which upgrades the surface light source to a pixel-level point light source, achieving ultra-high contrast, ultra-high brightness, ultra-high color gamut, and ultra-long life, and is seen as the future mainstream large-screen display technology.

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A few days ago, TCL officially launched the new 2023 flagship TV TCL X11G QD-Mini LED TV. This article will introduce you to the review of this TV.

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Regardless of the development of television technology, the relentless pursuit of picture quality is eternal. In order to pursue a good picture quality infinitely close to the real, TV manufacturers are in the "light control" and "color mixing" on a big deal. Factors affecting picture quality have been attributed to various aspects such as backlight, peak brightness, contrast, and color gamut. The most impressive thing about the TCL X11G compared to other flagship TVs is that it achieves "double 5000" for the first time, i.e. 5184 backlight partitions and 5000nits peak brightness.

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For good picture quality, the more backlight partitioning is naturally the better. The more partitions, the more acceptable the expression of light and dark levels and details.

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Taking the 85-inch TV as an example, the size of a single zone of a 100-level partition is about 15.7*10.6cm, and the size of a single area of a 300-level partition is 7.7*7.0cm. The 2000-level partition can achieve 100-micron pixel-level light control, and after a 5000-level partition, it surpasses the limit of the current industry display technology.

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In the impact on the picture quality, the comprehensive picture quality of the 100-level partition has significantly improved, the comprehensive picture quality of the 300-level partition is comparable to the level of OLED, and the comprehensive picture quality of the 2000-level partition exceeds the level of OLED. And more than the 2000-level partition, the impact of increasing the partition on the actual image quality tends to level off, doubled before there is a significant improvement effect, 5000-level partition image quality compared with 2000-level partition to achieve a qualitative leap, the effect presented is comparable to the collection-level image.

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At the same time, the peak brightness is the core indicator that affects the picture quality. The TCL X11G has a peak brightness of 5000nits, bringing a super contrast ratio of 50 million:1.

The current brightness range of high-end TVs is generally between 600-1000nits, but in fact, the majority of objects we see in our daily lives have a surface brightness of more than 5000nits. The peak brightness of TCL X11G TV is XDR 5000nits, the brightness is high enough so that the picture will not be compressed brightness, the level of detail in dark places can also be retained, and the maximum extent is close to the natural reality.

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The TCL X11G is able to achieve such high backlight zoning and peak brightness thanks to TCL's pioneering six-crystal square core and wide-angle even light lens. Six-crystal Square Core increases the light-emitting points of Mini LED light-emitting chips from 2 to 6, bringing a 27.5% brightness increase. The wide-angle uniform lens allows the light to be refracted twice through the lens in the same partition, increasing the light-emitting angle from 130° to 160° and achieving precise light control.

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TCL X11G also has the ability to sense the range of 16bit ambient brightness information and the ability to sense the range of 16bit RGB ambient color temperature information. Also thanks to 1296 driver chips, the perception also has a 16-bit backlight precision control capability.

The wider the color gamut, the richer and more detailed the colors can be displayed and the closer to reality. The Quantum Dot Pro 2023 technology adopted by TCL X11G upgrades the quantum material from binary quantum crystals to quaternary quantum dot crystals. As a result, the color gamut of TCL X11G reaches 157% (BT.709), which basically covers the colors that can be recognized by human eyes.

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TCL X11G is also equipped with a Lingyao M2+TXR Mini LED picture quality enhancement chip, which provides real-time targeted optimization of the picture.

TCL X11G has equipped with a 144Hz high refresh rate and 4 HDMI2.1 ports for game users.

The TCL X11G is equipped with ONKYO 4.2.2Hi-Fi audio with true 8-channel hardware surround. As the official equipment partner of IMAX Enhanced, ONKYO Audio is not only a global high-end audio brand but also has 70+ years of home theater professional precipitation
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