TCL X11G QD-MiniLED TV to be released, 5000nits

TCL X11G QD-mini LED TV.jpg

TCL QD-MiniLED TV's new launch will be held on March 21, when the new TV TCL X11G will be officially released.

According to the official TCL TV microblog posters, the TCL X11G claims to have a "double 5000 picture quality ceiling", achieving 5184 partitioned pixel-level point light control + XDR5000nits.

TCL QD-MiniLED TV combines the respective advantages of LCD and OLED, upgrading the traditional surface light source to pixel-level point light source. It also follows the QLED technology to achieve an ultra-high contrast ratio and also has higher brightness, color gamut and longer life than OLED.

The previous generation of TCL X11 uses 2304 partitioned quantum dots point light control, based on the peak brightness 2000nit brightness with the advantages of precise light control with MiniLED to achieve HDR2000.

The TCL X11 has a built-in TCL M1 chip with a picture-quality engine that improves the contrast, sharpness, and color management of the TCL X11.


New member

do you know where i can buy the TCL X11G?​

Also as I live in Australia will I have configuration issues with this TV as it is a Chinese model?​