Types of projectors and selection strategy: after reading you will know how to choose

Whenever we choose a projector , we always do not know how to start, so we will not mention which brand, which projector to buy will become a nightmare for the white people. Today I will show you what types of projectors are available, and how should we choose them when choosing a projector.

1. Portable Business Projector

We generally define a projector that weighs less than 2 kg as a business portable projector. This weight is similar to a thin and light notebook computer. The advantages of business portable projectors are small size, light weight, and strong mobility. Basically, they will be used with thin and light notebook computers to facilitate display in some business occasions.​
2. Educational Conference Projector

This type of projector is generally used in schools or corporate conference halls and lecture halls. The weight is moderate, the heat dissipation and dust prevention are better, suitable for installation and short distance movement, the function interface is relatively rich, easy to maintain, and the performance The price ratio is also relatively high, which is suitable for mass purchase and popularization.​
3. Mainstream Projector

Compared with ordinary projectors, engineering projectors have a larger projection area, longer distance, and high brightness, and generally support multi-lamp mode, which can better cope with large and variable installation environments and can complete some engineering projects. Or the needs of outdoor projects.​
4. Professional theater projector

This type of projector pays more attention to stability, and emphasizes a low failure rate. Its heat dissipation performance, network functions, and ease of use are very strong. Of course, in order to adapt to various professional applications, the most important feature of the projector is its high brightness, which can generally reach more than 5000 lumens, and the highest can exceed 10,000 lumens. Due to its large size and heavy weight, it is usually used in special applications, such as theaters, museums, town halls, and public areas.​
5. Home projector

Compared with the above-mentioned projectors used in the public domain, this projector is smaller in size and suitable for use at home. The shape design is also more aesthetically pleasing. Compared to the above projectors that pay more attention to function and do not pay attention to appearance, home projectors should also be used as a part of home decoration.​
Dangbei Projector F1C
And home projectors also need to consider home use scenarios, the operation can not be too complicated, it must be simple and easy to use. Therefore, a projector equipped with an intelligent system like Dangbei projector F1C is very suitable for our ordinary consumers to choose home.​
Dangbei projector F1C has 1300ANSI projection brightness (about 3600 lumens light source brightness), equipped with 3 + 32G large memory and Mstar938 flagship processor, the biggest advantage of Mstar938 is optimized for Internet video content. As we all know, on different video content platforms, there are various video definitions, such as our common 720p, 1080p and 4K, Blu-ray, etc., the higher the picture clarity, the better the user experience. MStar 6A938 can deal with different sources of video content and perform technical processing to maximize the overall performance of the picture, which is unmatched by other chips.

It is not difficult to see that the types of projectors are still very diverse, and as our ordinary consumers, when they choose daily home projectors, they can directly choose smart home projectors similar to Dangbei projector F1C.