#Westworld Season 3# Delores uses the appearance of the body to move in the human world, is this reasonable?


I think this involves a core setting for this season: whether it is due to intellectual property rights or hunger marketing considerations, of course, there is certainly a big plan to collect human information. Delos has not promoted their host products in the real world. All products All concentrated in the paradise. So even high-level people in the real world have absolutely no idea that there might be a host in the real world. In addition, they confessed to being the people in front of the Incite company. They did not go deep into the inside story. Their deepest understanding of the disaster in the paradise was nothing more than some news. They knew that the host group was destroyed and Delores fled. They definitely did not know. Of course, it can’t be said that there is no bug at all.

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To say shamelessly, I think 80% audience of the 'WestWorld' went to the beautiful face of De Mei. I will abandon the season 3 without showing me the body!

I believe that I am not alone. Without the appearance of the body, Delores will be replaced.Actress substitutions, fans of WestWorld and Evan Rachel Wood are likely to abandon the show ~

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