The Dragon Prince Season 3 (aka Sol Regem) on Netflix becoming the show it should be


The first season mainly talked about the contradiction between elves and humans. The princes and elf assassins began to save the dragon eggs. In the second season, the princes and elves crossed the road and tried to send the team to the dragon to return to the city. In the third season, they rose to Callum and Rui. Pulling love (the side confirms that men and women do not have pure friendship)

From the beginning, our great villain Alan was chosen by his allies (a mysterious elf) to become an obedient command of this elf to realize Alan ’s ideal of conquering the world and controlling all mankind, but he wanted to break his prison (look forward to the next A better performance in one season) Allen ’s son finally saw that his father was a bad guy. Unfortunately, her daughter Claudia was still more interested in her father ’s approval. Her hair was white and she saved her father. (It hurts stupid girl)

This season's story is more compact than the previous two seasons and there is a feeling that it finally enters the theme, but there are still some thin princes and elves who have only reached the place after three seasons. Allen's army has two episodes. The journey is a bit of a mystery. Is it dark magic? Can it be teleported into town? And when the dragon fire is sprayed, it should not be burned to ash. Although it is said that black magic has transformed humans so that soldiers can absorb the flame power, why is the armor on the body unscathed.

There are a lot of small details to think about it. It is not very true, but in general, the world view is well shaped. The scenery in Shadya is becoming more and more unique. All of them are refreshing. The yearning Callum seems to be all after understanding the mysteries of the sky. Enchantment can be released and envy and Eslan insists on peace to avoid war and reduce sacrifice to give up the throne

The whole drama is talking about breaking prejudice, giving up revenge, cherishing the peaceful past, and letting it past is indeed a positive energy. I hope that the fourth season can fill the pit of the mysterious elf (I do n’t know if there is a fourth Season) I want to see this is a happy and happy ending. Let ’s go hand in hand for a better future. But I know that there will always be darkness behind the light, so I hope that the next season can go deeper Want to see conflicts and contradictions)

I hope there will be a lot of pit filling next season There are still high expectations (ง • ̀_ • ́) ง