What would be the post-credit scene for Avengers: Endgame if you are the director?


The reign of Thanos has come to an end. Steve Rogers is all over the news and he is being called by the media as the “Soldier who died the most honorable death in the history of America.” Along with Rogers, Banner, Rhodey, Wong and other Avengers - T’Challa, Sam and Wanda who were resurrected after the snap, yet had died fighting Thanos, were paid homage too.

Okoye sacrificed herself to save Shuri, her last words were “Wakanda Forever.” Shuri, then, takes on the mantle of Black Panther, and rules Wakanda for the years to come.


Peter Quill, Rocket and Groot were the only Guardians of The Galaxy who were alive. While Peter decides to leave space for good, and comes back to his home, Missouri, Rocket and Groot join hands with Stakar Ogord and his team of Ravagers. Nebula is nowhere to be found.

The other Avengers that were alive after the global devastation were - Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Stephen Strange, Clint Barton and Bucky Barnes.

Bucky decides to stay at Wakanda as he found that place where no one can manipulate him, over his two years of stay there.

Strange marries Christine Palmer, and is still trying to find a way to heal his hands with help of Tony Stark.

Thor is currently in a live-in relationship with Jane Foster, thanks to his new-found powers, he was able to find her.

Natasha has gone into hiding, with no one able to locate her, not even with Thor’s Bifrost powers, she probably found a way to avoid that. The most probable reason, for her hiding, is speculated to be Banner’s death.

Nick Fury has given a special final assignment to Clint Barton before his retirement, an offer he couldn’t refuse, was to find and bring Natasha back.

Peter spends a lot of time with Tony, learning his ways and following his path.

Once, Tony and Peter were having a good chat while Tony dropped Peter to his home:

Tony: Are you okay, kid?

Parker: Yeah, it’s just, I’ve a strange feeling.

Tony: I know it’s surprising that you survived and Steve didn’t, maybe he wanted to die, may-

Peter: It’s not that, it’s-it’s the spider-sense, something’s happening.

Tony (takes a deep breath): Okay, kid, listen to me, I know you’ve been through a lot, you can’t take it back, but it’s gonna haunt you for a few days, tops. I went through the same feeling for months after I came back from the wormhole in space. You’ll be all right, okay?

Peter: Okay, Mr. Stark, thanks.

Stark: Goodbye, kid.

Peter: Bye.

Peter walks the dark paths with dim lights at 12:00 A.M.

He crosses the road to enter his home, just when he hears a noise from Delmar’s Deli-Grocery. He hears a large thud like some heavy object was thrown.

Peter: Oh no, Mr. Delmar.

He runs his way through the empty streets and hides behind the wall besides the entrance of the sandwich shop, and wears his original suit as fast as he could. But he suddenly hears a heavy voice, but couldn’t really recognize whose it was or what he was saying. He carefully pulls his ears to hear what was going on:

Voice: We will eat both your arms, and then both of your legs, and we will eat your face right off your head. You will be this armless, legless, faceless thing rolling down the street, like a turd in the wind.

Mr. Delmar: Who the hell are you?

Peter finally extends his face to look at what’s going on.

Voice: We Are Venom.


Peter: Mr. Delmaaaarrr!


Venom will Return
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Oh boy, I could think of about half a dozen I want. Let me write several ideas I’d like to see, and then I’ll discuss the likelihoods of what we’ll actually get.

  1. Earth. A spaceship has crashed on a beach in Hawaii, a victim of the immense burst of power sent forth when Thanos was defeated. A figure in a spacesuit stumbles from the wreckage. He reaches up and pulls his helmet off, letting it drop to the ground. He takes a few more steps and turns to look back at his destroyed ship. He’s bleeding from a wound on his hand, his nose is broken. “Susan…” he mutters mournfully. Another explosion booms from the ruins of the craft. Pieces of shrapnel erupt out, cascading across the beach. The man goes to duck to the side, but instead of leaping, his body warps, contorts, bends into an unnatural shape to avoid the debris. Almost like it was made of elastic…
  2. Earth. A young man is at school. He suddenly feels a burning sensation from his eyes. He initially tries to ignore them, but we see them beginning to glow red. The burning and the pain increase, and the young man shuts his eyes, scrunching up his face. He slams his hands over his eyes and slumps his head onto his desk, trying as hard as he can to keep it within. “Mr Summers?” the teacher calls from the front of the class, “are you paying attention, Mr Summers?” The boy ignores he, keeps his head on the table. The teacher frowns and approaches. “Mr Summers?” she asks, one final time. And Scott Summers leans back, opens his eyes, and screams as a beam of brilliant red light erupts from his eyes and blasts a hole in the school ceiling.
  3. Earth. A motorbike hums past, kicking up sand. The sun is hot and heavy in the sky, beating down. The camera pans up, and we see the bike has driven into a small town. A sign on the outskirts reads, ‘Broxton’. The camera pans up further, and we see a great, Norse-style fortress is under construction beyond the town, hovering several feet above the ground. A man is swinging a hammer, forging materials for the construction. With every crash, sparks of lightning burst, as the new Asgard takes shape.
  4. Earth. (These aren’t all going to be on Earth, I’ll get to space, I swear). A mountainous country, at night. A man stands alone in a castle, staring from a window. His face is hidden by a cloak and hood. He knows all that has occurred, and knew how events would unfold. “This world has courted death and survived,” he says, turning and taking a stride forward. The camera turns with him, and he begins to march through his castle. With each step, metal clangs on stone. “But it has not yet experienced true destruction. True failure. True despair,” at that, the camera finally reveals the man’s face. It’s obscured by a rough, metal mask. “It has not yet experienced Doom.”
  5. Earth. A wooded mountain range. Wanda Maximoff wakes, screaming, within a small house. Her bed is soaked with sweat, her room a mess. She’s ripped it to pieces with her powers, in her sleep. Again. She defeated Thanos, alongside the Avengers, but she can’t escape the terror, the fear, the death, the violence. It haunts her. A figure appears in the doorway. “It’s okay, child,” he says, his voice old and soft, but still resonating power. “It’s okay. Father is here, father is here,”
  6. Deep Space. A speck in the distance grows closer. “This is Nova Officer Richard Rider, requesting assistance, repeat, requesting assistance.” A voice begs. The craft gets closer, and we recognise it as a Nova Corps patrol ship. The craft is damaged. On fire in some places, singed black and ashen in others. There’s no response to the pilot’s impassioned plea. Of course there isn’t, the Nova Corps are dead. The ship zooms passed the camera, and we finally see what’s chasing it. It’s a bird. A huge bird, made of fire and flame. A Phoenix.
  7. Deep Space. A man’s voice speaks softly, but we see only his feet. “Master?” the voice asks. “Master, what is it?” The camera begins to pan up, and we see a man, naked, bald. His skin is silver. Another voice responds to the first. This one is immense, in size and scale and power. It reverberates, booming. “Hunger.” The voice says. “I hunger.”
  8. Earth. New York City. Alarms wail at a SHIELD prison. The inmates are running loose. We might see some super villains or characters we recognise, maybe some we know exist but haven’t see in the MCU yet, like Electro, Rhino, Bullseye, or Taskmaster. They’re all on the run. We pan around, and a Quinjet tears through the sky. A woman’s voice yells, “Avengers..assemble!” and from the Quinjet, a team of heroes leaps into action. A new team. Captain Marvel. Black Panther. Spider-Man. The Falcon. Ant-Man. The Wasp. The New Avengers.
That’s eight possible credit scenes. I’m expecting maybe three, if we’re lucky. Even that might be excessive. Of those three, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is purely a joke. Of the ones I’ve suggested, I’d say the most likely is one tease of either the X-Men or Fantastic Four, and one tease of a possible villain, be it Doom, the Phoenix Force, or Galactus. That’s assuming Marvel can get the rights to do these teases.

So that’s one tease of a new hero team, one tease of a villain, and one joke.

My eight is pretty excessive, and as much as I’d love to see all of them, I’d take any one of them, to be honest. But hey, these are some ideas.