why should you buy a projectior screen when there is a white wall?


Nowadays, more and more projection screens are bought, but if a white wall is used for projection, this money can be saved, so many savvy people will ask: Can we use walls instead of projection screens? The answer is simple-yes! You can save this money to buy a DVD. But I have to say that although the wall can replace the screen, its effect is definitely not as good as the projection screen. Because, replacing the projection screen with a white wall must face the following problems.

First of all, because the projector screen is more professional, its surface is covered with a layer of optical material, which improves its reflection performance, which is not found in white walls. If the user wants to use a white wall for projection, the picture can be presented, but the effect is not as good as the screen, the brightness will decrease, the contrast and color saturation will be reduced, and it will be different according to the wall paint and material. To a certain extent, reduce the freshness of the picture. Some users may switch to screen projection after seeing the projection effect on the wall, because it reduces the actual effect of the projector's performance.

In addition, a more important issue is that the frame of the screen also has an important impact on the projection effect. Perhaps consumers are not aware that the black frame of the screen has an effect on improving the contrast and brightness of the video. If the wall is used In the case of projection, the entire wall is white, and the wall is white except for the picture, which reduces the visual effect. Unless the user paints the other parts of the wall into a dark color, this problem is inevitable, but doing so again Affects the beauty of the home, more than gains.

why should you buy a projectior screen when there is a white wall?

Moreover, if consumers buy an entry-level projector now, it is best not to save the money to buy a screen, because the performance of the entry-level projector is not very high, the use of white walls will further deteriorate its performance If you must use a wall as a projection screen, you must also use a white wall. Consumers should not assume that the well-known screen brand StewartFirehawk is gray, so it is a mistake to paint its own projection wall gray. Especially wrong, the reason why the screen of StewartFirehawk is gray, at that time, because it is covered with a layer of optical material, this coating improves the optical reflection effect, it is not as simple as the general "gray", if the user also casually If the wall is painted gray, the projected picture will be much darker, and so on. If the wall is painted black to project, then nothing may be seen.