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    Fujifilm FP-Z6000, the World's First Dual-Axis Rotating Ultra Short Throw Lens

    Fujifilm's new Z Series ultra-short-throw projector, the FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z6000, is now available in what is officially described as the smallest body in its class. The Fujifilm FP-Z6000 projector is equipped with a laser light source and can provide 6000lm picture brightness output. By...
  2. R

    Philips Screeneo U4 Ultra Short Throw Projector, is it good?

    Recently, Philips launched the Philips Screeneo U4. This is an ultra-short throw projector that delivers an 80-inch full HD picture at a short distance of 30.5cm. Is this Philips Screeneo U4 projector good? Projection This projector can get a 60-inch image when placed 7.7 inches from the...
  3. Felia

    Is Acer L811 Ultra-short throw laser projector worth buying?

    Acer’s new Acer L811 laser projector (laser TV) is an ultra-short throw projector that supports 4K resolution and is compatible with HDR10. Is Acer L81 Ultra-short throw laser projector worth buying? Let's have a look! The Acer L811 laser can project a 120-inch screen at a distance of 31.2cm...
  4. Mialulu

    How to choose an ultra short throw laser projector?

    Many people want to buy an ultra-short-throw laser projector to build a home theater in the living room, but they don’t know the principle, pros and cons of an ultra-short-throw laser projector, nor do they know how to choose an ultra-short-throw laser projector. Here is the guide for buying an...
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    Recommend an ultra short throw projector: VAVA 4K UHD

    Some time ago I bought a short throw projector 4K, VAVA 4K UHD, which is a stylish, consumer-focused device. It can project images up to 150 inches in size, surpassing some direct competitors. It has built-in 60W Harmon Kardon speakers and supports DTS-HD and Dolby audio. If you want a more...
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    How to Choose the Best Short Throw Projector 4k?

    Short throw projectors can achieve a cinema-like viewing experience in a small space, so many families like to install a short throw 4K projector at home. But how to choose a suitable short throw projector? What parameters should I look at when purchasing? Here are the answers you want. If you...
  7. Barton7

    Is AOC C1 ultra short throw projector good?

    AOC has an AOC C1 ultra-short focal length projector on the official store, this ultra-short focal length projector has a unique mini-look design and can be projected close to the wall with fewer space restrictions. Let's see is it good anyway. 1. Optical Parameters The AOC C1 ultra-short...
  8. Elena

    JMGO O1 Pro Review, Ultra-short Throw Projector

    Earlier this year, JMGO release JMGO O1, and it drew a lot of interest. Now, let's see the new product JMGO O1 Pro review, is it better than JMGO O1. 1. Together with optical masters, JMGO O1 Pro reinvents light and shadow JMGO together with optical master Leica redesigned the O1 Pro's light...
  9. Adney

    Xiaomi Formovie R1 ultra short-throw laser projector released

    On the afternoon of August 25, Formovie officially held the "Unlimited imagination" new product release conference, and Formovie R1 ultra short-focus laser projector officially appeared. It is understood that the product is a new category of projection products, using ultra-short focus design...
  10. Emma

    VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector