Inside No. 9 Season 5 Episode 3 hidden plots analysis


At the beginning of this episode of Inside No. 9 Season 5, his mother Jules corrected the grandma and grandson's mathematical addition to use the "traffic light method." Father Trevor said "Gosh, I don't even know", indicating that Trevor was also unaware of the subsequent traffic accident. So you do n’t have to wonder why Trevor does n’t know how to repair the car the next day. Trevor does n’t drive a lot. There is a proof here-When he went to work, the car also gave his daughter a driver ’s license, or Jules drove out to hit people. Will a person who does n’t drive every day go to see his car? I parked my car in the garage on Friday and forgot to lock it.

 Inside No. 9 Season 5

Inside No. 9 Season 5

Everyone has seen this line of Ming, that is, Patrick owes debts, his mother drove the debtor, his father was injured by him, and he quarreled with his mother for his back. You think this is the reversal of the episode or the hidden plot, it is really too small to watch this drama. Later, there were three conversations with huge amount of information, which led to many hidden plots of Inside No. 9 Season 5.

The first dialogue between father and son

Hidden Plot 1
: what about Patrick ’s wife and mother Connor ’s mother?

It can be inferred from the conversation that, just like Patrick hit his father and injured his father on the 9th, he used to deal with his daughter-in-law and child ’s mother because of personality or illness, and later killed his daughter-in-law. Too. So my father comforted him, no matter what happened in the past, it has been dealt with, don't think about it. What you do is a disease. What kind of disease is that when you are emotional, you can't control yourself, the six relatives don't recognize it, and you sneer at your family (call your mother) or even wave your hand (beat your father). What happened afterwards was dealt with. Of course, his parents handled it for him, so it was called being processed. A big adventure of love, parents in this family always wipe his ass for Patrick.

Here is a supplementary testimony mentioned by netizens. Does the scene where Jules dragged the tree had a sense of sight that dragged the body. Yes, this picture is to give everyone the feeling of a mother dragging the body. It is to prove that the father said that Patrick ’s wife ’s murder has been dealt with. It can be inferred that the mother was the one who dragged the body of the daughter-in-law during the treatment, so she was right. Father and uncle did not help her with such a fire.

 Inside No. 9 Season 5

Inside No. 9 Season 5

My son is very sad at this time, I ca n’t forget to say a sentence (this sentence is very important, I will use it later)

Hidden Plot 2: The Creditor. The place that disturbs everyone the most. Look at the dialogue seriously (from these people), so there are at least two creditors. Uncle Al is one of them, and the other is the one who was hit by his mother Jules. Call him a usurer. This is especially confusing to everyone, because it is easy to be mistaken for a creditor and ignore his uncle. In fact, Patrick's creditor is his uncle Al. He borrowed money from his uncle Al, and his uncle also owed money to the crashed creditor, so Patric mentioned that the creditor ’s rights would be transferred. In fact, Patrick borrowed money from his uncle and assumed the uncle accordingly Al's usury debt, so he not only owed his uncle's debts, but also transferred his debts to him. So he owed a lot of money to the loan shark (the other person in the original text, that is, the one hit by Jules).

 Inside No. 9 Season 5

Inside No. 9 Season 5

The father asked, who did you owe money, the son said, you will not want to know, that the father knows the person who said (of course, you ca n’t tell the parents that you are your own uncle, you can only call the uncle that day. Go out to pick up, afraid of being heard by his mother). The son immediately said that he was a cold-blooded villain.

Hidden Plot 3: Cold-blooded and hypocritical murderer, Uncle Al. Let's take a look at how cold and hypocritical the uncle is. Receiving money for sparring with my nephew's daughter, although cold-blooded, is not a villain. The son said: He is a cold-blooded villain. I saw him that day. He said he would not let me go. I did n’t know what he would do.

What will he do, kill Patrick! It ’s cold blood to kill even a loved one. He ’s not killed, because like Patrick, he killed his daughter-in-law, Patrick ’s aunt, four years ago. Patrick knows this.

Come and listen to the second key conversation, you know.

On the evening of the 23rd, Trevor and Al talked at night

Uncle Al said: I think Sandra! I really miss her.

Are you familiar with this sentence? Did father and son talk to Patrick before, saying this: I ca n’t forget it!

 Inside No. 9 Season 5

Inside No. 9 Season 5

Everything is always surprisingly similar.

But the most cold-blooded, Al is killing on purpose, and Patrick is manslaughter. So uncle Al is cold-blooded and hypocritical, and see why he said he deliberately killed.

Dialogue between the two brothers at the dinner table

As we all know, his wife was killed by a card because Pizza Express did not remove the nucleus from the olive. Why do we all know, because the Al Pizza Express to sue, so Trevor said, We All know you Would . We all know you will tell, but AI Murder, Patrick is to know the truth, so did Patrick say he is cold-blooded villain.
Back to the evening of the 23rd, Trevor and Al talked at night

In the final conversation, Al listened to the news. When he heard Trevor talk about the loan shark, the former loan shark is already in the intensive care unit, he came to his heart with the words: it is free from him.

This sentence sounds from the perspective of the Trevors, but he actually said it to himself, because it was his creditor who was lying in the intensive care unit.

 Inside No. 9 Season 5

Inside No. 9 Season 5

So why did he, a man who had to collect money for driving training for his nephew, even repair the car for Jules for free, without asking for money, because it was his creditor who hit him. This collision, how much usury was waived, was still borrowed from the sister-in-law's hand (isn't this trick of killing a wife with a knife killing his wife) the trick of repairing a car, and he was still willing to pay.