TV Drama Review on Strike Back Season 8


Mike actually died in the sixth episode. This episode has the flavor of movie. It's true, it's false, it's false, it's true, it's soul and body merging into each other. Unfortunately, there's no double male master. However, it seems that there's nothing less than a single male master in the six member group. Unlike before, it's just a double male master. This season, the Colonel seems to be working hard. Will the Russian beauty come out at last? The dream of family return and the consciousness before dying are very delicate and moving. Unlike some people's saying, it's just sudden. This season is not just sudden, but also has fated characters. There are destiny lines. In the last season, I hope they don't die out all at last. I'm worried about that. Do you have the feeling of the Game of Throne. Including the Russian aunt, the most fake human design, who will live to the end? The sixth episode of this season improved the overall style of the series, but the final episode was too hasty to explain things clearly. If the ending time can reach two hours to explain the story of the game between Britain, Russia and the United States, it will be better.