What detail that you find in a movie changes your whole opinion?


You know the movie Inside Out? Riley, an eleven year old girl moves away from her home city and she has to struggle with her five core emotions in order to cope with the change. Fear, Anger, Joy, Sadness, Disgust. Each of these are a character themselves, in control of the mind. Anger pushes the buttons in your brain for you to see blood when he's lit on fire from rage and so do other emotions with their distinct abilities.

This is Riley's brain:


This is Riley's mother's mind:


This is her father's:


Noticed anything?
The mother only has female emotions, the father has Male emotions but Rileyshe has a mix of both genders. As of to what this could suggest I can think of few reasons. Maybe she's a member of LGBTQ+ and the difference of genders in her brain could represent her struggling with finding her sexual identity. Core emotions merge and co operate in order to form more mature and sophisticated feelings, so maybe that means she will also find her identity because of this change, and puberty.

That's just a theory, but ofcourse it could have been just merely a coincidence.
people always tend to see “certain forms of acting” ( even if they are “the same feeling” like anger ) as “this is way most girls act” and “that other way is way most boys act”

so maybe it just means that the way mom acts is highly “feminine like” and way dad acts is “very masculine”, thus dad is not emotional, very little empathy, does not show humility, and tends not to be gentle, while mom probably lacks assertiveness, is more submissive, prefers to allow others to take reins, feels responsible for any consequences

meanwhile the daughter has a combination of “masculine and feminine” ways to act and react

nothing to do with sexual preference or gender identity