What historical facts have been "tampered" in "Hollywood"?

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Since Netflix episode "Hollywood" is a combination of truth and reality, let's take a look at what historical facts have been "tampered" in "Hollywood".

NO.1 Huang Liushuang: Hollywood's first Chinese female star

historical facts in Hollywood

Left is Huang Liushuang and right is Yang Yahui's appearance​

When it comes to Chinese actresses in Hollywood, the young audience may be familiar with Liu Yuling , Wen Mingna or Okafina who just got behind the film at the Golden Globe Awards . As early as the 1920s, Huang Liushuang became the first Hollywood Chinese actress with international reputation and the first Chinese to stay on the Avenue of Stars.

Huang Liushuang's career is long and rich, her acting career spans silent films, audio films, TV series, stage dramas and radio dramas, but she is a distorted oriental image in the eyes of Western audiences and can only play the role of an opium prostitute or an evil oriental female. It is difficult to get a fair performance opportunity.

Huang Liushuang didn't have too many plays in the play. The first episode mentioned that the new director, Raymond Ansley, played by Darren Chris , was looking for Huang Liushuang to star in the movie "Shanghai Angel", which was later rejected by the film company.

Raymond made it clear to Huang Liushuang that it was quite unfair for Huang Liushuang to lose the chance to perform in the movie "Earth" . The plot shows Huang Liushuang's excellent performance at the audition, but the film company feels that choosing a Chinese actor will not have a box office, so that the white German actress Louise Reiner will star in the heroine, and Louise Reiner won the title with "Earth" . After Oscar's shadow, Huang Liushuang could only watch from the side, secretly hurt.

historical facts in Hollywood

Huang Liushuang secretly hurt in Oscar​

In the second half of "Hollywood", director Raymond asked Huang Liushuang to play the supporting role in the movie "Meg" and let her win the 20th Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The story of Huang Liushuang and "The Earth" missing each other is real. Pearl S. Buck's novel won the Pulitzer Prize (1932) and the Nobel Prize in Literature (1938). It is the most representative work of Chinese novels written by Westerners in the 20th century.

When MGM planned this film in 1935, she did not choose Huang Liushuang, which disappointed her. The next year Huang went back to China to travel and visit her father in her hometown to learn Chinese language and culture, and followed Mei Lanfang to learn Peking Opera.

historical facts in Hollywood

Louise Rainer in The Land​

During the Second World War, Huang Liushuang faded out of the film and television circle, focusing on supporting China's war of resistance, and resumed his acting career after the war. The director Raymond of the series is fictitious. Of course, the original script "Shanghai Angel" does not exist. What is supposed to be the "Shanghai Daughter" starred by Huang Liushuang in 1937.

From 1947 to 1948 in the series, Huang Liushuang did not play any movies, but only appeared in the TV series "Ms. Liu Shuang's Gallery". The story of Huang Liushuang's appearance in "Meg" is completely fictional, and she has never nominated Oscar in history. In real life, no Chinese actors have won Oscar performance awards.

historical facts in Hollywood

Huang Liushuang​

The Chinese actor who plays Huang Liushuang in the series is named Yang Yahui . She was born in Taiwan, 46 years old this year, and her parents are all Chinese. After struggling in Hollywood for many years, she has appeared in the American drama "Edge of Crisis" and "Sniping in Life and Death" . She has also appeared in "Nixon", "Return to Alabama" and "Double-storey Apartment" , and "Love" with Chen Chong "Face" was shortlisted for the Best Actress at the Golden Horse Awards.

historical facts in Hollywood

Yang Yahui at the set of "Life and Death Sniper"​

Yang Yahui said that today's Chinese-American actresses are still an invisible minority. Her experience playing predecessors is to hope everyone understands Huang Liushuang's achievements and hopes that Hollywood can correct this mistake.

NO.2 Camille Washington: multiple black actress complex

historical facts in Hollywood

Camille Washington, Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge​

Camille Washington, played by Laura Herrell , is the female number one in "Hollywood", but a completely fictional character. In the play, she is a signed actor of the "Ace" film company. Although she is very talented, she could only play the role of maid in the beginning. To say some well-designed lines made her very depressed.

With the help of boyfriend and director Raymond and the black screenwriter Archie, she starred in the heroine of the film "Meg" and won the 20th Academy Award for Best Actress. In real history, Halle Berry 54 years later implemented this goal.

It was difficult for Hollywood black actresses in the 1940s to achieve such achievements as Camille Washington, but some people have approached this achievement. Producer Ryan Murphy said that Camille had the traits of black actresses Lena Horn and Dorothy Dandridge .

Lena Horne appeared on the screen in early 1938, signed a filming contract with MGM and became the first black actress to sign a long-term contract with Hollywood, playing in "Paradise Cabin", "Ying Ge Feng Wu" and other films. Protagonist or supporting role.

Dorothy became famous in the late 1940s. In 1954, "Carmen Jones" made her nominate after the 27th Oscar, but that year she lost to Grace Kelly 's "Country Girl" .

As mentioned in the episode "Hollywood", Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge can only appear in "ethnic movies" dedicated to the southern market in the early career, or they can only act as black maids. , And sometimes even no signature.

NO.3 actor Rock Hudson and agent Henry Wilson

Rock Hudson , played by Jack Pickkin, is a real character in the series, and the scene is quite heavy. He appeared as a homosexual in the beginning of the plot, and met the black gay screenwriter Archie Coleman ( played by Jeremy Pop ) at the gas station .

Later, he signed the agent Henry Wilson played by Jim Parsons . The agent gave him the stage name Rock Hudson, and used the power to sexually harass him, arranged him to please Hollywood ’s gay seniors, and even forced him to change. tooth.

historical facts in Hollywood

Locke Hudson and black boyfriend walk the red carpet​

At the Oscar in 1948, Locke Hudson summoned the courage and his boyfriend Archie took to the red carpet. Due to his exposure of his sexual orientation, he was discriminated by the media and the public, and he never received an invitation from the film company until " The "Ace" film company decided to start making movies about gay men.

Rock Hudson in history was one of the Hollywood idols in the 1950s and 1960s. He was indeed gay, but most of the time he concealed his sexual orientation. In order to calm the public's doubts about his sexuality, he married the agent's female secretary, Felice Gates, in 1955, and divorced three years later.

Although Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Saint-Jean James, and Carol Burnett, who had worked with him, knew that Rock Hudson was gay, he never admitted. It wasn't until 1985 that Locke Hudson became the first public figure to disclose that he had AIDS, and his sexual orientation was exposed to the world.

Locke Hudson only appeared in the film in 1949, so it was impossible to appear in the 1948 Oscar. He changed his teeth at the request of his agent. It is a true history.

In the play, Jim Parsons ’agent Henry Wilson showed the dark side of Hollywood. From the perspective of producer Ryan Murphy, Henry Wilson was Harvey Weinstein of that era. Absolute demon. In real life, Hudson has always wanted to leave this agent, but Henry not only has good relations with Hollywood seniors, but also has inextricably linked with the Mafia. Those who want to leave him must worry about their career prospects, and even Worried about life safety.

The relationship between Henry and the Underworld was also shown in the play. In order to help the movie company suppress the prostitution scandal of the newly debuted male artist, he directly went to the underworld to fight the gossip magazine reporters for life.