Young Justice Season 3: Good-looking but not as good as the first two seasons


Actually I want to rate 3 and a half stars. In the third quarter, there are actually many reasons for this. The original studio has been cut for many years. The third quarter is still seriously underfunded, so the quality of the series seems lacking.Then lets get back to the episode itself

Let's conclude first, is the third season pretty or not? Good-looking but not as good as the first two seasons, if not the last three episodes of collapse

Young Justice Season 3: Good-looking but not as good as the first two seasons

First, in the style of the painting, the style of the painting has changed, and the funds are insufficient. It is a bit of a surprise that DC took Shaozheng's third season as its own streaming media traffic but did not give enough funds. The first and second seasons were outsourced to Japanese and Korean studios, which made the painting style more beautiful, and the fighting was also very good. In the third season, the studio was changed and the character shape was close to dcau (Mi Aotian painting style). There is a decline.

Second; the new mainline characters are not attractive, whether it is the irritable and irritable prince, the offline halo, and the cute seekers are not as attractive as the classic six-man group. The classic sixsome strives to get closer to Batman, Robin, funny as Wally, and the three well-trained assistants of the young master of the sea, plus the irritable and super boy, the plum who hides himself, the offspring of the criminal Athenis Three novices, the first season gave them plenty of time to run in and grow into a team. The three key newcomers in the third season are neither too attractive nor adequately portrayed. The main line + branch line is too large and the combination is not tight (the main line branch line in the first season is quite well combined). I hope that the second half can have Changed

In addition, the third season has been upgraded from the previous two seasons. The actual cloud is getting heavier and heavier.

The first season is a spy warfare filmed in super British leather, and the second season is also the same, but the ideal environment like Chaoying is still the main theme, that is, defeating the black hand behind the scenes can defeat their conspiracy. At most, the process is more upset Because the United Nations has a very good relationship with the Justice League, the Justice League can infiltrate, assassinate, destroy, rescue hostages and other special missions of sovereign countries without restrictions.

Forgetting to see the sentence wherever I saw it, the essence of Chaoying is an upgrade of Western knight novels. I think that the US team 2 like mcu even if it joins the core of spy warfare political thriller, the ending is to shoot down SHIELD Just an empty sky carrier? Think about it and think there is a bigger problem (I am not a comic party, only discuss movies and animation)

The first half of the third quarter was very dark. Sovereign states unscrupulously plundered superhuman beings. The United Nations imposed various restrictions on the Justice League. Large powers subverted the power of small countries and assassinated the heads of state.

The fourteenth episode is even more escalated. The Justice League has announced the villain ’s evidence. However, the sovereign state is well aware of the villain ’s behavior. The UN Secretary-General Luther conducts information control and public opinion guidance. Carried out crisis public relations, Justice League has no way, what a reality!

Then just in the second half until the last three episodes, everything is fine

The world outlook has developed rapidly, and the true meaning of outsiders has also come online. See the old man fighting with the Illuminati and the endless whip corpse Wally

Until the last three episodes collapsed quickly, the entire third season seemed to me to be a roller coaster. Due to insufficient funds + clues are too scattered + the newcomers were not good-looking, it led to the first half although there was an excellent return but it could not be saved. Getting better, the whole development + the plot is very good, but the last three episodes suddenly deflate + feed shit, so I can only score 7 points at most

If the last three episodes are all withdrawn from the previous stage, the master will go to Africa / Oreo ’s special mission / the Illuminator ’s backhand / magic side to show off the ambush. It's okay to go to war

As a result, a super-hanging episode was released, and I had a good opportunity to play with the fans. In episode 25, I do n’t want to talk about it anymore. Episode 26 thwarts the plot of Lai Bald

Whether it's the steel bone super episode of episode 24, or Batman seeing the death knell at a glance, I'm sorry for the plot level of the previous two seasons

As a result, Zhenglian still did not know Uncle Tianqi, and the Illuminati returned to the state of the second season before liberation overnight.

It ’s hard to tell if the screenwriter is exhausted or has limited funds

I can only say that I am looking forward to the fourth season. I will be able to resurrect this level in the third season.

Director Greg Weisman is a man of great talent, but it seems that the work is not finished, the Magic Spider-Man 2008 was cut off due to copyright reasons, and the night dragon is also

I hope it can be corrected in the next season. I heard that the next season will be updated on hbo. Look forward to it carefully.