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  1. Amanda Brown

    Can You Jailbreak A Smart TV?

    This article will show you how to jailbreak a smart TV. Can you jailbreak a smart TV? The advent of smart TVs has enriched our home entertainment life, and you can access more content by accessing the Internet. But some smart TVs are shipped with some plug-ins or applications integrated...
  2. S

    Dolby Atmos Not Working in Prime Video on Android TV, 5 Fixes

    Dolby Atmos may sometimes not work in Prime Video on Android TV. You may experience audio out of sync, choppy, or no audio. Does this sound familiar? We've made the best fixes for Dolby Atmos not working in Prime Video on Android TV. 1. Check if Dolby Atmos is enabled on your Android TV The...
  3. Barend Ray

    How to Get Plex for Sony Google TV?

    This guide will show you how to get Plex for sony google TV. Plex is a free streaming platform where you can use your own library of media content, and Plex also offers live and on-demand programming. Its free version alone covers most of the features and content users need, making it very...
  4. X

    Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 vs Android: what's different?

    As we all know, Huawei's smart screen uses the Hongmeng HarmonyOS system, while other TVs on the market basically use the Android system. So what is the difference between Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 and Android? Which is better? Let's see. 1. The underlying logic of Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 is different...
  5. H

    Nvidia Shield TV updates to Android 11

    Nvidia is said to be updating its entire Shield TV product line to Android 11, even including the models that launched on Android Lollipop in 2015. Nvidia Shield TV gets Android 11, an update that brings a host of new features native to Android 11 and a strong focus on privacy protection...
  6. C

    BenQ E-Series TVs: World Premiere Pantone SkinTone Certification

    The BenQ E-730 series TV becomes the world's first Android TV to be Pantone Validated and Pantone SkinTone Validated. Officially, PANTONE created the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) in 1963, becoming the world's No. 1 brand in color identification, matching and communication, as well as a global...