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    What is the difference between Y1S and Y1S Edge?

    What is the difference between Y1S and Y1S Edge?
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    How to connect OnePlus TV to OnePlus Connect?

    The OnePlus TV Y series is very popular in the market and the OnePlus Y1S and OnePlus Y1S Edge are popular and cost-effective TVs. There is no doubt that the Y-Series of OnePlus TV can be controlled through the OnePlus Connect App, so you can use your phone as a remote control. Follow the steps...
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    How do I pair my OnePlus TV with remote control?

    The OnePlus TV remote supports Bluetooth and voice control, please pair it with your OnePlus TV before use. If you are doing the first installation, then you can either follow the navigation for pairing the OnePlus TV remote or pair it under Settings > Remotes and Accessories > Remotes > Add...
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    Smart Manager on OnePlus TV, What can it do?

    Smart Manager is an amazing application that offers many features and enhancements for a more intelligent and durable OnePlus TV. It helps accelerate the system, quickly free up memory space and more. In the following post, you will learn how to use Smart Manager on OnePlus TV Y1S/ Y1S Edge...
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    How to use OnePlus TV without remote and Internet?

    How do I use the OnePlus TV without a remote control? OnePlus Connect helps you get connected, using your phone as a remote control. Not only that, if you are a Y1S/Y1S Edge TV user, OnePlus Connect allows you to use the Connect feature when you can use it without a Wi-Fi or data connection, so...
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    OnePlus TV 43 Y1S vs Y1s Edge: what's the difference?

    OnePlus has launched two 43 inch TV called Y1s and Y1s Edge, what's the difference between them? Actually, here is a comparison chart of OnePlus TV 43 Y1S vs Y1s Edge, and almost found that they are the same. Let's have a look. Specifications TV 43 Y1S TV 43 Y1S Edge Resolution 1920 x...