BenQ i985L Review: Is It Worthy Buying?


The three-primary color laser display represents the highest level of the laser TV industry. BenQ i98 series laser TVs are BenQ’s first three-color laser products. Today, let’s review the BenQ i985L three-color laser TV that is priced at $12,551.

Appearance: BenQ's Unique Design

The audio finish on the front of the BenQ i985L laser TV is made of pure aluminum metal, which is integrally formed with the most advanced CNC technology, and the flowing corrugated design on the front makes the product more like a sculpture. BenQ i985L laser TV adopts electric sliding door design which is rare in the market to protect the lens from dust.

BenQ's Unique Design.png

The BenQ i985L laser TV has a professional 4K resolution lens and is equipped with a variety of interface modes, especially the commonly used USB interface is added to the side, which can directly read USB files.

BenQ i985L laser TV USB port.png

Data Measurement: Industry Flagship Level

Brightness and color gamut are the two core parameters of laser TV. The nominal brightness of BenQ i985L laser TV is 3200 lumens. According to ANSI standards, I conducted a comprehensive inspection of the brightness, color temperature and color gamut of the BenQ i985L.

The measured data shows that the peak brightness of the BenQ i985L laser TV is 3356 lumens, and the ANSI brightness is 3069 ANSI lumens. This data is very good and has reached the industry flagship level. Thanks to the three primary color laser light source, the measured BT.2020 color gamut of BenQ i985L reaches 96.4%, which can display rich enough colors.

BenQ i985L real-time color calibration.png

In addition to the precise color matching requirements of the factory, BenQ has also added a real-time color calibration function to the i98 series to ensure that the color is accurate and consistent.

Image: Delicate Quality and Accurate Color

The static picture display mainly considers the picture details and color accuracy of the laser TV. Next is the color real shot of the BenQ i985L laser TV. The proofs we choose are all 4K resolution.

drop of water.png

The picture quality is delicate and every drop of water is clearly visible.

high saturation.png

Accurate focus, natural colors, high saturation.

High contrast.png

High contrast, precise detail in dark areas.

In general, the BenQ i985L laser TV's control of picture details and color has reached the top level in the industry. Presumably even high-end users will be satisfied with its picture quality and color effects.

Viewing and Audio experience: Worthy of the Price

Compared with the traditional monochrome laser TV, the BenQ i985L solves the problem of bluish picture, and greatly improves the color expression of the color gamut and warm color parts.

It is also worth mentioning the sound effect. The first appearance of BenQ i985L laser TV was at the Guangzhou Audio Exhibition. From this, it can be seen that BenQ has confidence in its sound quality.

Viewing and Audio experience.png

How to achieve the sound effect in the case of such a small size of the laser TV body, so as to achieve a cinema-like experience in the living room? This product is built by BenQ's treVolo tuning team, and the bi-amp four-channel system can maximize the sound effect. In addition, its audio diaphragm is made of natural silk, which can make the voice performance more fully and naturally.

High image quality, 100-inch large screen, accurate color reproduction and clear and melodious sound performance make the BenQ i985L laser TV worthy of its price.

System Test: Rich and Diverse Functional Designs

BenQ i985L laser TV is not only equipped with intelligent system, but also equipped with MStar 6A838 new generation 64-bit chip with 3GB memory, which makes it smooth and fast whether it runs high-quality games or 4K blockbusters.

Rich and Diverse Functional Designs.png

The BenQ i985L laser TV has added the LumiExpert smart metering function, and the TV will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light. In addition, when a moving object is detected, the machine will automatically turn off the screen to avoid direct sunlight, which is very friendly for families with children.

BenQ i985L supports wireless screen projection and voice control. In addition, users can also download more extended content in the app store to meet the needs of different scenarios.

BenQ i985L laser TV Review Summary

It can be seen from the evaluation that the BenQ i985L redefines the flagship laser TV, and it also represents the strongest strength in the current laser TV industry.

Picture quality and sound effects are two important dimensions for evaluating laser TVs, and the BenQ i985L is impeccable in these two respects. In addition, it also has a brightness of up to 3200 lumens. In fact, the color brightness of the three-color laser is higher, and it looks brighter than a single-color laser TV of the same brightness.

In any case, the price of $12,551 means that the BenQ i985L laser TV is out of reach for most users. But if you can come up with this budget to purchase display equipment, the BenQ i985L is definitely an ideal choice for you at the same price.
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