Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Review


How is the Dangbei Mars Pro projector review? We purchased it and tested it to see what kind of experience will the Dangbei Mars Pro projector bring for us from the three aspects of appearance, system and image.

1. Dangbei Mars Pro projector Appearance Review​

The Dangbei Mars Pro projector is mainly composed of a glass IML floating panel and a metal frame. The concave and convex suspended mosaic design makes the Dangbei Mars Pro projector very technological. The golden embossed Dangbei logo is presented diagonally with the 4K logo, and the projector lens and focusing module are included on the glass panel in the middle.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Review2.jpg

The two sides of the Mars Pro projector are hollowed out by aviation aluminum to maximize the heat dissipation effect. The Dangbei Mars Pro projector supports two sound modes, Dolby and DTS, which are also marked in prominent positions on both sides.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Review3.jpg

The top of the Dangbei Mars Pro projector is a 2.5D nano-coated glass panel. There is only a touch button on it for turn on and off, and the mirror surface brings a different brilliance.

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The back of the Dangbei Mars Pro projector is rich in interfaces, with two USB and HDMI interfaces, one of which HDMI also supports eARC, and the latency is as low as 20ms when connecting game devices. In addition, it is also equipped with 3.5mm audio, network cable, SPDIF, and a power interface.
Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Mose Key.png

The special feature of the Dangbei Mars Pro projector remote control is the mouse button. After a long press, you can enter the mouse mode. Even mobile apps such as Netflix can be used on the projector.

2. Dangbei Mars Pro Projector System Review​

The Dangbei Mars Pro projector is equipped with the flagship processing chip MT9669 and has a large memory of 4G+128GB. Its system runs very smoothly, and the large storage space can download various software applications and video resources.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector UI.png

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector APP Screen.png

Dangbei Mars Pro projector has a built-in EmotnOS intelligent operating system, and the UI interface is very simple. On the left side of the screen is a small floating window, you can check the weather, clear memory, etc. The following are commonly used software applications that can be customized, and the remaining space shows a large background image, which is a very personal style of interaction design.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Settings.png

Slide down the remote control to jump to the interface of all applications, and arrange five softwares in each row in the form of card icons.

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Side Settings.png

Press the magic key on the side of the remote control, and a shortcut bar will pop up at the bottom, where users can place their frequently used functions. The settings of the projector appear in the form of a pop-up window on the right. Even if you are watching a movie, you can directly adjust it without returning to the main interface. This saves a lot of time and ensures the continuity of the viewing experience.

3. Dangbei Mars Pro projector image Review​

Dangbei Mars Pro projector uses ALPD laser light source, supports 4K native resolution, and has a brightness of up to 3200ANSI lumens. With HDR10 dynamic decoding technology, it can restore the real effect of the film to the greatest extent. Let's take a look at a set of tested pictures of Dangbei Mars Pro projector screen.







4. Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Review Summary​

In summary, Dangbei Mars Pro projector has a unique design, whose new 2.5D coated glass + aviation aluminum material makes it fashionable and stylish. It is equipped with MTK's latest processing chip with excellent processing ability, and it also brings intelligent functions such as auto obstacle avoidance, automatic screen entry, and eye protection mode. With 4K resolution and 3200ANSI lumens, it has pure color and can accurately resee the details of pictures. That's all for the review of Dangbei Mars Pro, how do you think of it? Leave your comments below!
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