hisense u8h

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    Hisense U9H vs Hisense U8H: what's different?

    Hisense 2022 has launched Mini LED TVs that include U9H and U8H. many people ask: U9H vs U8H, what's the difference? How should I choose? Here we compare the parameters of these two TVs and analyze the pros and cons of both TVs to help you make the best choice between Hisense U9H and U8H...
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    Hisense U8H Specs Review, 2022 Mini LED TV

    The Hisense U8H Mini LED TV is one of the TVs to watch this year. It's scheduled to go on sale this summer. In a series of Hisense Mini LED TVs, the U8H is the model that combines TV performance and price. Here, we will share its specs and see what kind of performance the Hisense U8H is equipped...