Sony X95K vs X90K TVs, what's the difference?


Sony has launched many new TVs in 2022, including SONY X95K and SONY X90K, so what is different between these two models? Let's take a look.

Sony X95K:
Sony X95K.jpg

Sony X90K:
Sony X90K.jpg
1. Picture quality

Judging from the measured picture quality, the Sony X95K TV has higher color richness and brighter colors than the Sony X90K TV. In particular, the Sony X90K TV looks like a layer of mold is blocked from a distance, and the overall color is covered with grayscale.

Sony X95K vs X90K TVs picture.jpg

Sony X95K vs X90K TVs image.jpg
2. Audio

Another big difference between Sony X95K TV and Sony X90K TV is that Sony X95K TV has 6 speakers, which are midrange x2, tweeter x2, subwoofer x2, while Sony X90K TV has only 4 speakers. From the perspective of sound stereo and surround, the Sony X95K TV is better.

3. Connectivity

Both the Sony X95K TV and the Sony X90K have 4 HDMI ports and support Bluetooth, but the difference is that the Sony X95K TV has 3 USB ports while the Sony X90K has only 2. If more connected external devices are important to you, the Sony X95K would be a better choice.

These two TVs are both new models in 2022 and they are good for home entertainment. You may also be interested in Sony X95K TV review, or more comparison between SONY A95K vs. A90K vs. A80K vs. A75K TV.

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