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    Xiaomi TV Stick 4K 2023 release date, what's the feature?

    Xiaomi has confirmed that it will launch the Mi 13 Pro series for global markets on February 26 during MWC 2023. Now Xiaomi has revealed that it will launch a new 4K Mi TV stick on February 14. What’s the feature of the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K 2023? Xiaomi has confirmed several features of its...
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    2022 TV Box Buying Guide and Recommendation

    What is TV box? TV box is a kind of TV Internet terminal equipment that started to rise in 2012. The operating system of the TV box is usually based on TVOS or Android or Linux, and is connected to the Internet through physical lines such as Wifi wireless network or Ethernet. After connecting...
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    Mi Box 4K 2nd Gen Comes to the US Soon

    Although still to be confirmed, the second generation of the Mi TV Box should be out soon, as it recently appeared on the FCC certification website. The second-generation model of Mi TV Box 4K is MDZ-28-AA, which features 4K HDR video, Bluetooth (BR+EDR, LE), and supports Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5GHz...
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    Mi Box 4S MAX Specs, is it good?

    Xiaomi released the Mi Box 4S MAX yesterday, equipped with a quad-core processor 4GB of memory and 64GB of flash memory, supporting dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth voice control, 4K video playback + 8K video decoding, and the selling price is 499 yuan. Xiaomi Mi Box 4S MAX is equipped with Amlogic...
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    Close the using app and make Mi Box run faster

    If you are also using Xiaomi Mi Box TV, you might be making a mistake that could be making your Xiaomi Mi Box run slower and slower. Think about it, whenever you try to close an app, don't you press the "circle" button on your Xiaomi Box remote because it takes you to the main menu. What you...
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    Can I browse Internet on Mi TV?

    Mi TV Box can provide a smart TV system, you can not only enjoy endless streaming services, but you can also browse the Internet on Mi TV Box. With TVWeb browser, you can browse the Internet on Xiaomi TV Box. TVWeb Browser is available in Play Store, here are the steps on how to get it on Mi...
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    How to change the language on Mi Box?

    Mi Box TV is sold in many countries around the world, so many people want to set the language of use to the language they use. In fact, it will remind you to select the default language when you use it for the first time. If you want to change the Mi TV Stick's default language, you can follow...
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    Is Mi Box S worth it?

    Many people ask that Is Mi Box S worth it? Actually, If you're looking for an Android-based streaming box and don't want to spend much, Mi Box S is a good choice. MI box S has a native Android system, comes with chromecast. The interface is HDMI2.0, and it supports display 4K 60HZ, with 2G...
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    Mi box S User Feedback Review, good value native Android TV box

    I bought a Mi box S and used it for a while. The following is my user feedback. If you are also interested in TV boxes, take a look at the evaluation and feedback of Xiaomi Mi Box S. 1. Configuration and Features: Native AndroidTV: Android8.1 system (upgradable to Android 9) Quad-core A53 CPU...
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    How to Sideload Apps on Mi Box S

    How to Sideload Apps on Mi Box S? There are many apps that are not availabe on the appstore.
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    How to turn on Mi Box without remote?

    How to turn on Mi Box without remote? If you lost your Mi Box remote, you may think of this question. Actually, you can connect the Mi Box to TV as usually, and then press the power button, and the Mi Box will be powered up. But you need to use it for more settings, then you need an assistant...
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    How to install Youtube on Mi Box?

    I cannot find Youtube on Mi Box, how to install it?
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    Best Home Entertainment Devices: TVs, TV Boxes, Projectors

    People are spending more and more time on home entertainment these days. Especially after the outbreak, many people actively or passively choose to stay at home. If you have a good entertainment device, you will have more fun. Here are three of the most popular home entertainment devices, which...
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    Recommendation for Home Entertainment Products

    Now we are increasingly focused on home entertainment, a variety of products have emerged. This article will recommend those products that enhance home entertainment. 1. Projector Because home projectors are convenient, versatile, and project a large screen, more and more users are choosing...