Sony vs LG OLED TV: which is better?


Comparing Sony and LG OLED TVs, which is better? Overall, I would recommend the LG if you only playing gaming PC or PS5 XSX. If you watch movies, and care about picture quality and other features, I recommend Sony.


Why choose LG OLED TV?​

In fact, whether Sony or LG with OLED screens are produced by LG, the only difference is the motherboard. Lg is recommended for the following reasons.

1. LG OLED TV has more HDMI2.1 ports.​

LG OLED TVs have four HDMI 2.1 ports, Sony only has two. This means that on a Sony TV, you can only connect PS5 and XSX, but not a third hdmi2.1 device, such as an rtx3090 computer.

And HDMI3 and 4 even often conflict with each other, causing one of them to be silent. Because of the lack of interfaces, it is impossible for most core players of all platforms to consider Sony at all. This solution is also easy to solve, you can buy an HDMI 2.1. But if you still want ARC, then the interface is even more insufficient.


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