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    Epson TW7000 picture setting tips, how to adjust it to the best picture?

    The Epson TW7000 is an entry-level 4K projection device. The picture quality is quite good, but the color in the standard mode is not the best. So how should the Epson TW7000 adjust the picture parameters? The following is a detailed tutorial on parameter setting of Epson TW7000. Detailed...
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    BenQ i962L vs i967L, What are the differences?

    Both BenQ i962L and i967L are 4K laser projectors, what are the differences between them? 1. Color difference: BenQ i962L is white while the BenQ i967L is black. 2. Sliding cover difference: The sliding cover of BenQ i962L is white painted metal, while the sliding cover of BenQ i967L is...