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  1. Mialulu

    Why does my Sony TV keep restarting?

    Why does my Sony TV keep restarting? Yesterday, my Sony TV at home entered an infinite restart loop after setting up to connect to WIFI, and the system could not be used if it could not enter. I searched for this problem on the Internet and found that many people have this problem, which shows...
  2. Clive Carter

    How to pair Sony TV with Remote Voice Control?

    Sony TV's Bluetooth voice remote control is paired with the TV at the factory. You can re-pair the voice remote control with your TV if your voice remote control is replaced or stops working. Here are the steps to do so. 1. First, press the HOME button and select the Settings panel of your Sony...
  3. Clive Carter

    How to reset Sony TV remote? Solved

    Are you annoyed if the Sony TV remote control doesn't work anymore? The biggest reason why the remote control does not work is that the battery is dead, it is also possible that the remote control is malfunctioning, and sometimes resetting the remote control may solve the problem. But...
  4. C

    How to update Sony TV software?

    Updating your Sony TV with the latest version of Android TV will not only give you the best TV experience, it will also keep you safer with the latest security fixes, allow you to enjoy new features, and even get an improved interface and menu. We'll show you how to update your TV software with...
  5. Felia

    How to set up your Sony Android TV?

    If you bought a Sony Android TV, you don't just unplug the power cord from the box and plug it in, you need more time to set up your Sony TV for the first time. This guide will walk you through the first-time setup process. How to set up Sony Bravia Android TV? You can use your TV directly and...
  6. P

    How to set up Sony TV to Wifi?

    As long as you know the network name and password, the Sony Smart TV Wi-Fi setup process will not be tedious. 1. Select Settings, or the gear icon, to open the Settings menu. 2. Select Network and Internet. 3. Switch to Wi-Fi. Your TV will search for available networks. 4. Select your...
  7. H

    How to install and remove apps on Sony TV?

    If you currently own a 2020 Sony TV with Android 8.0, you'll have one of the best versions of Google's Android TV operating system to date. How to install and remove apps on Sony TV? Because Sony uses Android TV, your new smart TV has access to a vast ecosystem of apps and services, from...
  8. Jemma

    TVs with cameras: what are they good for?

    A TV with a camera is definitely better than a TV without a camera, so what are the benefits? Will it cause privacy violations and other issues? 1. Video call The most crucial and basic benefit of a TV with a camera is that it can be used for voice calls, which is also the main feature of...
  9. G

    Why should your reset Sony TV?

    Resetting the TV can solve many issues, like no sound, no picture, blinking, etc. But be sure to note that the reset will clear all of your customized settings including the parental lock setting. You can restore the TV to factory settings by selecting [Restore Factory Settings]. For how to...
  10. TV-Guide

    How to Download Apps on Sony Smart TV?

    Sony TV runs the open-source Android platform, which means you can not only install apps in the Google Play Store, but also sideload any app you like. Some apps may not be uploaded to the Google Play Store yet, or you may want to get the latest apps. Here are the most comprehensive ways to...
  11. C

    What should you pay attention to when setup Sony TV?

    Many Sony TV models come with a separate tabletop bracket on the package so you can mount the TV to the wall right away. If you do not mount the TV to the wall, you will need to install the tabletop bracket. You will need a screwdriver and the screws provided to do this. Be sure to consider the...
  12. P

    How to view pictures in 4K resolution on Sony TV?

    You can connect a digital still camera/camcorder that supports HDMI 4K output to HDMI IN of the TV to display high-resolution photos stored on the camera. You can also display high-resolution photos stored in connected USB devices or your home network. A picture with a 4K or higher resolution...
  13. P

    Why is my Sony TV no picture from a connected device?

    If you have connected a device to Sony TV but there is no picture, here is the solution. 1. Turn the connected device on. 2. Check the cable connection between the device and TV. 3. Press the INPUT button to display the list of inputs, then select the desired input. 4. Correctly insert the...
  14. L

    Why my LG TV turns off automatically?

    Why my LG TV turns off automatically?
  15. L

    How to play Prime Video Ultra HD content on Sony TV?

    Many Sony TVs nowadays support playback of 4K TVs. You can follow the steps below to play Ultra High Definition (UHD) content on your Sony TV on the Amazon Prime Video app. 1. First, go to the Sony TV home page and open the Prime Video app. 2. Then, you can select any of the following...
  16. G

    How to turn on Netflix calibrated mode on Sony TV X95J?

    The Sony X95J TV has a Netflix calibration mode that lets you experience picture quality close to the filmmaker's vision and intent, with just a few settings. Here is how to do it. 1. First, navigate to Netflix icon on Sony TV and launch it. 2. Then press the Quick Settings button on the...