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    OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro Available, How is it?

    Previously, OnePlus released the new TV 65 Q2 Pro in the Indian market, which went on sale today, priced at INR 99,999. The OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro is equipped with a 65-inch 4K QLED panel that supports a 120Hz refresh rate. OnePlus also provides ALLM and MEMC technology support for this TV, and...
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    How is the OnePlus Q2 Pro QLED TV?

    It is reported that the flagship TV to be released by OnePlus will use a 65-inch QLED panel with 4K resolution and 120Hz high refresh rate, equipped with OnePlus TV OxygenPlay system, equipped with 70W speakers, and supporting Dolby Atmos. In terms of configuration, it is known that Yijia Q2 Pro...
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    What is the difference between Y1S and Y1S Edge?

    What is the difference between Y1S and Y1S Edge?
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    How to get browser on OnePlus TV?

    Have you ever needed to use a web browser on your TV but didn't know how to use it or which one to use? Here are the answers you need. 1. Go back to the Home page and go to Google Play. 2. Search for "TV Web Browser" and download and install the app from the Google Play Store. 3. Once...
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    How to set Picture Settings on OnePlus TV?

    Here is a guide on how to set Picture Settings on OnePlus TV. It may vary in different models, but generally the same. If you cannot find it, comment below. You can find the picture parameters on the OnePlus TVs as below OnePlus TV Q, U and U1S - Settings< Picture OnePlus TV Y - Settings<...
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    Do I need OnePlus Work With Alexa for my OnePlus TV?

    I want to connect my OnePlus TV with Alexa, do I need "OnePlus Work With Alexa" app to support it?
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    How to Log in using your OnePlus Account on OnePlus TV

    How to Log in using your OnePlus Account on OnePlus TV? For 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro, 55U1, and 50U1S, 55U1S, 65U1S, there are 2 ways to log in OnePlus Account: Settings –>Accounts & Sign-In –>OnePlus –>log-in page In the OxygenPlay Page, tap the “head” button to view the log-in page For 43Y1, 32Y1...
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    Connect OnePlus TV with Alexa

    OnePlus TV works with Alexa, and there is a step by step guide for how to connect OnePlus TV with Alexa. Basically it is simple, just download and install the Amazon Alexa app from Google Play Store or App Store on your phone, and then log in with your OnePlus Account on Amazon Alexa. Follow...
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    OnePlus launches Y1S Pro TV in India: 43-inch 4K resolution, 24W audio

    On April 7, OnePlus released the new Y1S Pro TV in India, with a resolution upgrade to 4K compared to the previously released Y1S. The OnePlus TV Y1S Pro features an upgraded display with a 43-inch 4K resolution featuring AI-powered visuals including MEMC, content optimization, dynamic...
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    New OnePlus TV Y1S Pro TV, Come with 24W speakers

    OnePlus has now starteds to market the 43-inch OnePlus TV Y1S Pro in India and has announced that the new machine will be launched soon. Judging from the preheating content, the new phone is basically the same as the previous news. The main selling points include 4K screen, Android TV 10 system...
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    How to connect OnePlus TV to OnePlus Connect?

    The OnePlus TV Y series is very popular in the market and the OnePlus Y1S and OnePlus Y1S Edge are popular and cost-effective TVs. There is no doubt that the Y-Series of OnePlus TV can be controlled through the OnePlus Connect App, so you can use your phone as a remote control. Follow the steps...
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    How do I pair my OnePlus TV with remote control?

    The OnePlus TV remote supports Bluetooth and voice control, please pair it with your OnePlus TV before use. If you are doing the first installation, then you can either follow the navigation for pairing the OnePlus TV remote or pair it under Settings > Remotes and Accessories > Remotes > Add...
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    How to pair OnePlus TV with earphone?

    If you want to connect your Android phone to your headset, then OnePlus TV's Quick Pair Headset feature will be your favorite. Let's take a look at how to implement this feature. 1. If your OnePlus headset is in the list below, then congratulations, your headset definitely supports the quick...
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    Smart Manager on OnePlus TV, What can it do?

    Smart Manager is an amazing application that offers many features and enhancements for a more intelligent and durable OnePlus TV. It helps accelerate the system, quickly free up memory space and more. In the following post, you will learn how to use Smart Manager on OnePlus TV Y1S/ Y1S Edge...
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    How to use OnePlus TV without remote and Internet?

    How do I use the OnePlus TV without a remote control? OnePlus Connect helps you get connected, using your phone as a remote control. Not only that, if you are a Y1S/Y1S Edge TV user, OnePlus Connect allows you to use the Connect feature when you can use it without a Wi-Fi or data connection, so...
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    OnePlus TV 43 Y1S vs Y1s Edge: what's the difference?

    OnePlus has launched two 43 inch TV called Y1s and Y1s Edge, what's the difference between them? Actually, here is a comparison chart of OnePlus TV 43 Y1S vs Y1s Edge, and almost found that they are the same. Let's have a look. Specifications TV 43 Y1S TV 43 Y1S Edge Resolution 1920 x...
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    OnePlus Y1s Pro TV Review: is it good?

    OnePlus has launched a new TV in India, the OnePlus TV Y1S Pro, featuring a 43-inch 4K resolution panel. So how's the OnePlus Y1Pro TV review? Let's have a look. OnePlus Y1s Pro TV will feature 24W audio with Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. The spotlight attribute of...