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  1. Jack888

    TUXING S1 Projector, New Projector Introduction

    The new smart projector brand TUXING has released a new portable smart projector, the TUXING S1. This article will introduce you to the features of this new projector. The TUXING S1 projecotr is a lightweight and delicate design, which is different from the portable projectors on the market...
  2. M

    Tmall Genie Portable Projector, is it good?

    Recently, Tmall Genie launched a portable smart projector Tmall Genie TG-V1-W Pro, which supports 1080P video and has a battery life of 3.5 hours. The official flagship store started the first appointment today, and the product will be officially launched on June 1, and the expected price is...
  3. Adney

    Tmall Genie TG_V1_W Pro Projector Review, portable projector

    On the afternoon of May 10, the Tmall Genie TG_V1_W (Little Red Box) Pro portable smart projector was officially launched, the new product supports 1080P full HD resolution and lasts about 3.5 hours. The Tmall Genie TG_V1_W "Little Red Box" Pro has a ceramic body with two colors: white and...
  4. Emma

    Samsung The Freestyle Projector Real Customer Reviews

    Samsung The Freestyle projector is a new projector for 2022, which is a unique shape and Samsung's first knock in the projector market. Samsung The Freestyle outputs 550 LED lumens, which has been measured by several media outlets and is considered to have an ANSI lumen of around 250 ANSI...
  5. Adney

    Samsung The Freestyle Projector Review, Pros and Cons

    This year Samsung's new The Freestyle projector has attracted a lot of attention, especially for its unique appearance. Let's see the Samsung The Freestyle projector review. Samsung The Freestyle Projector Pros and Cons Pros: 1. Excellent portability 2. Free projection angle 3. Efficient...
  6. Samuel Miller

    O.B.E M3 Projector, 2022 New Portable Projector

    O.B.E announced three new 2022 projectors yesterday, the first of which is the O.B.E M3 portable projector. Weighing only 412g, this projector has a compact and delicate shape that is easy to carry and can be used in a wider range of scenarios. In terms of configuration and performance, this...
  7. S

    FILMATIC Projector Review, is it good?

    The FILMATIC projector is a new outdoor projector. It is very small, not even as big as your palm, and is arguably the most portable projector on the market. FILMATIC projector with the full metal body design and built-in speakers. At only 200g, it supports IPX6 water resistance, so it fits...
  8. P

    Why Kodak Luma 400 Portable Projector is worth buying?

    Kodak Luma 400 Portable Projector has many highlights, let's look if it is worth buying? Specifications Kodak Luma 400 Projector Brightness 200 ANSI Lumens Resolution 1280x720 Aspect Ratio 16:9 (HD) Contrast 3,500:1 (full on/off) Display Type DLP x 1 Color Processing 8-bit Video...
  9. G

    Samsung Freestyle portable projector review

    Recently, the Samsung Freestyle portable projector was officially unveiled at a price of 900$. How's the review of Samsung Freestyle portable projector? Let's have a look. 1. Appearance Samsung Freestyle portable projector looks like a ceiling spotlight, whose lens supports 180-degree...
  10. SuperM

    Vimgo i6 projector, cost-effective portable projector

    Share a mini portable projector I found recently. Vimgo i6 projector
  11. Elena

    Dangbei C2 Projector Review: Light and Portable Mini Projector

    Dangbei Projector C2 is portable, compact with 3-hour battery life and fully automatic laser focus and very cost-effective. Here’s the review of this portable mini projector. Dangbei C2 Mini Projector Model Dangbei C2 Material PC + ABS...